Top-Shelf Attorney, Howard Fensterman, Claims Liquor Served at Morrell Kosher Caterers Was Anything But -- Howard Fensterman Morrell

Released on: May 03, 2012, 3:14 pm
Industry: Law

Fensterman Accuses Scott Morrell of Substituting Cheaper Brands of Liquor, But Charging for Pricier, Top-Shelf Brands at a Function He Hosted

Long Island, New York, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Howard Fensterman, the well respected Long Island, New York attorney and successful businessman and investor, is feeling the pain of a victim as he deals with the unpleasant realization that his long-time friend and former investment associate, Scott Morrell, head of Morrell Kosher Caterers, fraudulently deceived him by serving less expensive brands of liquor instead of the premium, top - shelf brands contracted and paid for by Fensterman for a function he hosted on May 29th, 2010 [Howard Fensterman Morrell].

Howard Fensterman Morrell

Howard Fensterman Morrell -- Fensterman is accusing Morrell of breach of contract and fraud in that Morrell's kosher catering establishment charged Fensterman for premium, top-shelf scotch and vodka, but instead served lower price brands.

While Fensterman refuses to guess how long the alleged bait-and-switch practice has been going on under Morrell's watch, Fensterman has been advised that this has been a long standing practice at Morrell Kosher Caterers.



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