EMPACT Email Campaign Produces 69% Open Rate for Lollicup ® Tea Zone

Released on = February 24, 2005, 3:49 pm

Press Release Author = mUrgent Corporation

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Juice bar in Irvine, CA is blown away by phenomenal results from one email campaign using EMPACT: Email and Wireless Marketing Manager.

Press Release Body = Santa Ana, CA – Attention-getting personalized subject lines, tempting discounts and free drawing coupons enticed just over half the recipients of Irvine's Lollicup Tea Zone to open the Customer Appreciation Day emails they recently received from the shop. At nearly 51 percent, Lollicup's open rate was 35
percent higher than the industry average of just 15 percent for in-house email blasts.

The messages were sent using mUrgent Corporation's (http://www.murgent.com) EMPACT
web-based email marketing automation software, and included Lollicup's logo on a unique e-letterhead for quick brand identification. In addition to the high open rate, nearly 100 recipients who opened Lollicup's email forwarded it to more than
one other person, bringing the total open rate to 69 percent. Lollicup's owner/operator Shaun Ito says his store sold more than 1,500 of its popular Boba and yogurt drinks in just seven hours during Customer Appreciation Day.

“Email marketing is our most powerful guerilla marketing tool,” says Ito. “It’s faster and more personal than display or broadcast advertising. Personalized email, sent only to people who have given us their email addresses voluntarily is hard for customers to resist.”

Because most of Ito’s customers were Internet-savvy young adults, he places an email sign-up sheet at the counter and quickly captured hundreds of names. Lollicup’s ® customer database had grown by nearly 10 percent every month as new customers are attracted by forwarded EMPACT emails and word of mouth. Ito also enjoys being able to collect personal emails on the Irvine Lollicup ® website.

EMPACT allows Ito to create his own promotions and schedule their distribution from his own computer since the software is web-based and does not require purchasing expensive software which must then be installed, maintained and updated.

“The convenience and ease of using EMPACT is exceptional,” Ito says. “And I don’t need an expensive IT staff, hardware and software to maintain it. Whenever we have a special event or want to run a new drink coupon, I can create it right here.”

About mUrgent

mUrgent Corporation is an e-marketing authority and provider of both self- and full-service email and wireless marketing solutions businesses can rely on to automate more frequent, personalized communication to customers, bringing a higher
return on investment. EMPACT: Email and Wireless Marketing Manager, the self-service solution, and Enterprise, mUrgent’s full-service solution, have been used by companies across the U.S., Australia and South East Asia. For more information
about mUrgent, visit http://www.murgent.com.

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Santa Ana, CA 92705


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