GSM World 2005: Blackberry alternative, space2go offers consumer Email-Push

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Released on = February 13, 2005, 3:25 am

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Press Release Summary = Berlin/Cannes, 10. February 2005 – The Germany based mobile
software maker space2go presents the first consumer focused Email Push service on the occasion of this years GSM World in Cannes.

Press Release Body = space2go presents a fully available application suite that mobile and fixed net operators can integrate in their network. The solution consists of a server application and device clients to make mobile phones support the new
solution. The solution is also capable to wirelessly push contacts, calendar and tasks to mobile devices. The service operates in any network environment like GPRS, UMTS or even WLAN.

“Network operators get an end to end solution to implement true email push for their huge consumer user base in order to increase data traffic in their existing networks” said space2go CEO Christian Huthmacher.

The new service allows to deliver new emails that arrive on any standard ISP email account to be pushed to the users device immediately. Until now, users had to check the email boxes manually and download new emails to their mobile device. Email Push became popular with the Blackberry service that also ensures that new Emails are delivered to the Blackberry device automatically. “After managers are already enjoying expensive Email Push solutions based on proprietary solutions we have brought this service to the consumer world. Millions of end users are keen to start using an affordable and device independent Email Push service” Huthmacher explains.

The new space2go offering is ideally suited to the needs of the consumer market. The solution supports all Symbian and Microsoft based mobile devices. Most users therefore do not need to invest in a new device but can keep their existing handset.
The space2go solution works “out of the box” with all open Email services like Gmail, Lycos and others. Even proprietary Email platforms like AOL Mail or Hotmail can be push enabled by installing the space2go “Mobile Push Gateway” (MPG), a piece
of software that comes with the solution bundle. The MPG works behind the Spam and Virus wall of these message providers to ensure that only valuable information is pushed to the users device.

Consumers that do not want to wait until their operator implements the service, can immediately subscribe to the service directly from space2go under The service is offered for fees as low as 4,00 Euro per months (excluding traffic charges).

space2go (Berlin), space2go is a leading European provider of software and services for the mobile Internet. The company specialises in access to personal data with mobile devices over the Internet.
space2go has developed wireless synchronisation solutions based on the SyncML standard and offers email push also for corporate users to mobile MS Exchange or Lotus Domino servers. space2go operates 2,5 million mobile mailboxes as an ASP for
customers like Volkswagen AG, SIEMENS, ONE, Sunrise or others.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Additional Information: GmbH, Jan Bender,
Charlottenstraße 66,
10117 Berlin, Tel. 030/5900670,



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