Podcars at Innotrans Berlin!

Released on: August 31, 2012, 8:22 am
Industry: Transportation / Logistics

The world's largest conference on Podcar Technology, the emerging solution for sustainable and efficient public transportation for cities and urban regions, is coming to Innotrans in Berlin, September 19-20 at the Technical University. A US delegation of specialists, academics and professionals will attend the conference together with a Swedish delegation from the KOMPASS network representing areas of transportation, design and government.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The conference, held in conjunction with Innotrans 2012, will present practical solutions for the transportation and urban planning sectors that can lead to a major shift in policy and action to help reverse the growing perils of global warming, redirect use of energy in transportation to solar and other renewable sources and substantially reduce congestion and land use issues associated with cars.

Participants in the conference will be introduced to the world’s top PRT designers through various presentations and working sessions. The event, which will offer many cross-disciplined networking opportunities, features a packed agenda presenting numerous world renowned speakers from six countries. Conference organizers IST and INIST are working closely with KOMPASS, a network of 14 Swedish cities aiming to adopt PRT, the US-based Advanced Transit Association (ATRA), the European ATRA chapter, Lea+Elliot USA and a series of sponsors and manufacturers from Europe, Asia and USA. Notable speakers are Hans Josef Fell, member of the Green Party and German Parliament, Rod Diridon, Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute and Chair Emeritus of California High Speed Rail Project, Alain Kornhauser, Professor at Princeton University and Chair of ATRA USA, Hans Lindqvist, former member of the EU parliament and chairman of KOMPASS, and Stefan Hanna, Deputy Mayor of City of Uppsala, Sweden.


The first PodCar City Conference (2007) in Uppsala Sweden, introduced the PRT concept to a broad international audience with internationally recognized speakers and highlighting the Vectus PRT product, a system being tested at the University in Uppsala. Since 2007 yearly conferences has been held in Ithaca, NY, Malmo, Sweden, San Jose, CA and Stockholm, Sweden. Since late 2010 three systems are operational, two systems are underway, and over thirty systems are being considered all over the world.

For more information about the 2012 International PodCar City Conference, please visit berlin.podcar.org or contact Larry Fabian (USA) and Christer Lindstrom (Europe):

Larry Fabian
US Communication Director

Christer Lindstrom
Swedish/EU Communications

Institute for Sustainable Transportation
Mariatorget 6 11848 Stockholm

International Institute for Sustainable Transportation
147 South River St, Suite 207,
95060 Santa Cruz, USA





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