Can Obama outlast Mugabe?

Released on: January 02, 2013, 9:28 am
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-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- President Barrack Obama will be sworn in as United States president to serve his second and final term on January 21. A month later, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, in power since 1980, will be celebrating his 89th birthday.

The two may be words apart, one leading the most powerful nation on earth and the other, a pariah that no one wants to be associated with. But while Obama will be out in four years, no one knows when Mugabe will leave the scene, hence the question: Can Obama outlast Mugabe?

Ten years ago Mugabe was considered the most evil man after Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Osama bin Laden of Al Qaeda.

Saddam Hussein was hunted down and captured by United States troops and was executed in December 2006.

Osama was also killed by United States special troops in May 2011 and his body was buried at sea.

But Mugabe lives on. It is not that the United States has not tried to get rid of him. It has, but not as brazenly as it pursued Saddam and Osama.

It tried to use Mugabe’s rivals in the opposition and within his own party, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. It used sanctions but they have only hurt the ordinary Zimbabwean worse. The United States could have overrun Zimbabwe in seconds if it wished to. So, how did Mugabe survive?

This 10 000-word kindle book entitled: Can Obama outlast Mugabe- explains why and how Mugabe has survived.

It shows how against all odds, Mugabe survived his biggest Western foes: President George Bush of the United States, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain and Prime Minister John Howard of Australia. He has even survived his own so-called kingmaker, Solomon Mujuru.

Mugabe was under siege when Obama came to office in 2009. Obama stunned everyone especially the republicans when he beat Matt Romney to win his second term. Can he beat Mugabe?

This book gives the reason why Mugabe has survived it all. It gives the only plausible explanation of how the Zimbabwean President has survived even when he had given up.

You can also borrow the book from Kindle library.

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