Helpful Information for your Las Vegas Wedding Guests

Released on: April 19, 2013, 6:16 am
Industry: Travel

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- You and your Las Vegas wedding guests are looking forward to a wonderful event full of romance, personal touches and celebration. Enhance their experience by providing them with great information to make their stay smooth and fun for everyone!

Where to Stay: One of the kindest things you can do for your wedding guests is to reserve a “block” of rooms at a convenient hotel that you know is good quality, an appropriate value and located well. You may even block rooms at more than one hotel if you have guests of different economic means. Contact several properties for comparison purposes, and understand the terms of their contracts, as policies for blocks vary widely.

Transportation: Las Vegas is a city that can be reached by practically any form of transportation. Include airport details, along with rental car recommendations and even rail stops so your guests know where they need to go and how they can get there most easily and economically.

What to Do: What are your favorite Las Vegas attractions? Do you have a favorite casino, bar or restaurant? Did you and your fiancé first kiss at a scenic local spot that you would recommend visiting? Share your favorite fun things to do, see and eat in Las Vegas with your guests and help them enjoy the city as much as you do!

What to Wear: Whether your wedding is a black tie affair or a barbecue in the grass, your guests need to attend in appropriate attire. Let them know what to expect, including notes about shoe heels that might sink into grassy ceremony sites, or jacket and tie requirements at your reception restaurant.

Babysitting Services: Most major hotels and resorts offer babysitting referrals in house. Research some of these offerings and compile the information for parents who are bringing young people with them. Encourage parents to carefully screen applicants to make sure they choose someone they trust with their children.

Seasonal Information: Not every wedding guest is familiar with Las Vegas, and many may not realize what kind of seasonal variation the region experiences. If you are having a summer wedding, warn guests that sunscreen will be needed, along with several breaks from searing heat. Winter temperatures can be harsh as well, so let guests know if they need to prepare for extreme climate of any kind.

The more great information you provide your traveling guests, the more they will appreciate you and the efforts you have taken to create a perfect destination wedding day. Start communicating early and you’ll reap the benefits of happy, comfortable guests!

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