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Released on: April 29, 2013, 12:40 pm
Industry: Sports

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Splash and Relax have a comprehensive set of games tables for all occasions and one of the best is their range of air hockey tables. Air hockey has grown in popularity over the years and it is now a great family game which can be played by everyone. It is particularly good for the energetic teenager as it will provide a game which requires a good deal of exercise and is a very fast and competitive game.

Splash and Relax have a wide range of air hockey tables from the simple and relatively cheap table to the luxury air hockey table that is a good and expensive full sized air hockey table. The cheaper tables are called air hockey tables but they have a table covered in a plastic which allows the puck to travel fast over its surface but is not air assisted. The luxury tables have sophisticated air cushion systems in which air is blown under the table and is released through a number of very small holes in the surface of the playing table. This allows the puck to slide smoothly over the surface and results in a very fast game.

There is a table for almost anybody who wants to play and this is a game that can be started on simple plastic base table and then progressed to a major luxury table as experience and skill improve.

The basic tables are usually smaller than the typical air hockey tables and fold up so that they can be stowed away after use. The luxury tables are almost always a table that is quite large and of a permanent construction and are ideal for a special games room. Splash and Relax have a number of top of the range tables that can be used by single or double team players that can be used at a standard close to a professional level.

Splash and Relax are keen to give every keen air hockey player the chance to get equipment that will improve their game to the best level possible and have taken a good deal of time and effort to get air hockey tables that will allow the players to achieve their dreams. To this purpose Splash and Relax are pleased to offer three air hockey tables that are 7 feet long and of a very high quality and which match those which will be found in arcades. They have excellent high powered motors, which generate a great air cushion for the puck to float on and full electronic scoring boards and scoring systems. These are not quite too the American World Championship standard but as there are no professional leagues in the UK this is as close to perfection as will be found in the UK. The tables provide a fast and accurate game, which provide players with the opportunity to play at professional level standards.

Splash and Relax - http://www.splashandrelax.co.uk - are pleased to promote air hockey and have a portfolio of equipment to allow any player to reach the best level possible.

Contact Details: Splash and Relax,
Oakleigh House,
Hurst Road,
West Sussex,
RH12 2EP

Telephone: 0845 459 9955


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