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Released on: May 30, 2013, 8:48 am
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The Grant Museum’s tweeting moles are among the highlights at one of London’s most peculiar small museums.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- If you want to see something a little different next time you are in London, you need to head to one of London's most peculiar museums, where the highlights on display include a jar full of pickled moles. The Grant Museum is located in Bloomsbury, just a short distance from King's Cross station, and if you visit you can explore the huge number of hotels near King's Cross that are available for booking.

The Grant Museum is a museum of zoology and contains 67,000 specimens devoted to all aspects of the animal kingdom, including many creatures that are extinct such as the Tasmanian tiger, quagga and dodo. It was founded as a collection to be used for teaching in 1828 but is now open, free of charge, to the public, who can wander around its gorgeous wood-panelled interior gazing at a fascinating selection of stuffed animals and skeletons in considerably more peaceful surroundings than the similar but bigger Natural History Museum. Pride of place goes to the museum's bizarre bottle of moles, which have developed such a cult following they even have their own Twitter account (@glassjarofmoles).

The Grant Museum is run by University College London, one of the world's premier universities, and is close to the UCL's other museum, the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. This superb little free museum was founded in 1893 by Amelia Edwards, an eccentric traveller, who was fascinated by Ancient Egypt and collected numerous items of historic value such as pottery, beads, tools, linen, papyrus and costumes. Both museums are to be found a short walk from the British Museum, in the heart of one of London's most interesting areas where there are many other fascinating small, specialist museums such as the Foundling Museum, Charles Dickens Museum, Cartoon Museum and London Canal Museum. Many of these museums hold regular special exhibitions and events, the details of which can be found at


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