International Conference on Genetic Engineering & Genetically Modified Organisms 2013

Released on: July 16, 2013, 8:59 am
Industry: Biotech

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- On 5th July, 1996, Dolly, a domestic female sheep was clinically produced. She was the first ever mammal produced in the laboratory by cloning'. Cloning is nothing but producing identical organism with the help of cells collected from similar organism. Three sheep (One for egg, the other for DNA and yet another for embryo to term) have provided cells for cloning Dolly'

Since the days of Dolly, Genetic Engineering as a discipline has been advancing rapidly and its applications are far and wide for the betterment of humanity. Genetic Engineering is a study that allows controlled manipulation of genes to produce expected results.

This is a knowledge that can be used meticulously to detect and save humanity from dreadful diseases, genetically modified crops and animals are beneficial to the society as they could address the issues of inherited diseases by manipulating the genetic system.

OMICS Group International Conference on Genetic Engineering & Genetically Modified Organisms from August 12-14, 2013 at Raleigh-Brownstone-University, North Carolina, USA, promises loads of useful information among researchers and professionals in the field of genetic engineering.

The Genetic Engineering Conference is an exciting event involving learners and professionals in genetic engineering. Renowned speakers and delegates would discuss ways to apply the advances in genetic engineering for treatment of genetic disorders, in addition to measures like gene therapy. The delegates are also expected to conduct poster presentations and plenary sessions in recombinant DNA technology and emerging areas like genetically modified products.

The special issues of OMICS Group journals like Advancements in Genetic Engineering: Open Access, Human Genetics & Embryology: Open Access, and Gene Technology: Open Access carry the respective abstracts presented at the conference, as part of the special corresponding issues.

Renowned speakers presenting their enlightening talks are:

Tapan K. Bera National Cancer institute, NIH, USA
Mariam B. Sticklen, Michigan State University, USA
Natalay Kouprina National Cancer institute, NIH, USA
Larisa Rudenko, Food and Drug Administration, USA

Major tracks of Genetic Engineering conference include

1. Bioethics & IPR
2. Biosafety and rDNA Guidelines
3. Gene and Cell Therapy using Mammalian Artificial Chromosome (MAC) Vectors
4. Recombinant DNA Technology
5. Genetically Modified Products
6. Human Genetic Engineering
7. Tools in Genetic Engineering
8. Microbial Genetics
9. Plant Genetic Engineering
10. Genetic Engineering & Stem Cell Research
11. Cloning and Techniques
12. Genetics Syndromes and Genomics of Infectious Diseases
13. Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy
14. Neuroscience & Neurogenetics
15. Cancer Genetics & Metabolism
16. Genetic Screening and Counseling
17. Functional Genomics
18. Genetics of Ageing

For more details on Genetic Engineering-2013 conference, please visit:

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