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Released on: July 03, 2013, 2:44 pm
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Olympic Games has changed many people’s perception of table tennis and has led to a quite considerable increase in personal sporting activity. Strangely watching the Chinese competitor’s fantastic ability at table tennis started the interest but it was the emotion shown by the British Paralympian table tennis player who gave his all and collapsed in defeat, (still to win a silver medal) that probably influenced more people. The Games showed just what sport can do not only for the athlete but also for the country as a whole as people started talking to each other. Table tennis was developed in the UK and has been taken by the world and progressed to a major sport and with even the Mayor of London pushing it.

Splash and Relax have developed a great range of table tennis tables which they stock for both the leisure and the sporting market and it encompasses both the small foldaway units and the large full sized tables including the outdoor models. This range is able to meet almost any demands from small family pastimes through the youth clubs to the serious players with prices that range across the spectrum but with a price to fit all pockets.

Splash and Relax supply a great range of family style table tennis tables which serve a number of activities and actually look quite good in a household environment. One of these tables are 6 feet long and are a pool table on one side and a small table on the other side which is also set up for table tennis. The construction is of good quality wood and whilst it is not a slate bed table it presents a good pool playing surface. The table tennis board is excellent and gives a table that is quite useful in size for the standard house. Table tennis is a sport that has lost a lot of players as its natural base as youth clubs reduced and destroyed its typical base and the main area of play became small tables at home, the present increase in sport is welcome and looks set to continue. The problem is that this sport requires quite a large space as people need room to move round and give themselves time to play the shots. This is difficult in many houses and so the 6 foot table has become more useful.

The larger table tennis tables are 9 feet in length and 5 feet wide and there are a number of models that can be used. Splash and Relax have chosen quite a wide choice both for indoor and outdoor usage. All these tables can be folded away after use to reduce the storage area. The outdoor tables have been a surprising boon but the fact that they can be used outdoors means there is a new market place and have been developed because a full sized table requires so much room to play properly that there are few inside rooms large enough to cope with them and certainly not many that can cope with more than one table. Splash and Relax hopes the trend will continue and that this excellent sport may get a new lease of life and come home to its roots.

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