Private Wine Tours of Napa Valley Brings the World of Winery and Vineyard to San Francisco

Released on: July 22, 2013, 5:37 am
Industry: Travel

San Francisco, California, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Since its inception in 2004, Max Napa tours has enlivened scents of winery into the curious hearts of wine lovers in Napa valley, Sonoma and San Francisco, California. The winery travel experience aims to be the best winery tour in Sonoma and Napa, to be competitive and widely recognized all over the state of California. Everyone can witness the process of traditional winemaking from harvest to brewed spirits cased in warm and cool bottles.

Founded on December, 2004, Max Napa Tours was started by its owner who had expressed deep love and passion for wines and private tours. He was an architect before, then he quitted job and decided to immerse himself in vineyards and winery, which was quite contrary to his architectural career.

After working as an architect in downtown San Francisco for about a year, I decided that it was time for a change, although I had no idea what that change was to be. I quit the firm, and on my last day a couple of work buddies took me out to a nearby bar for some drinks. A conversation about the wine regions of the world with a stranger sitting next to me led to him offering me a job as a guide doing wine tours! I was jobless for under an hour said the owner

He adds further, I decided that I would take him up on it (at least temporarily until I found another architecture job). All of a sudden a year had gone by, and I realized how much I loved what I did. Being outside in vineyards everyday definitely beat sitting in a cubicle. I excelled in pairing people to wineries the way that a Sommelier will pair a wine to your meal. But I needed to be in business for myself. And so Max Napa Tours was founded in December of 2004. After the founding of Max Napa Tours, the owner became a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) in 2010, a Certified Wine Professional (CWP) in 2011, a Certified Sommelier in 2012 and fully certified by WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) in 2013.

With vineyards in Napa Valley and Northern Sonoma, Max Napa Tours offers private wine tasting in Sonoma or day trip winery tours in Sonoma and Napa that consist of guided tours for different groups (family, individual and small groups 6 people or less).

Max Napa Tours also offers suv wine tours in Napa led by wine educators and sommeliers or wine experts ready to impart their knowledge anything about wine. Additionally, included in semi private tours are hotel pickups from over 250 hotels in San Francisco that last for 8-9 hours. Such tour starts via departure in Golden Gate Bridge.

For more information, please use the contacts below. Aside from that, you can search a list of San Francisco restaurants from the menu alongside the menu tab.

Max Napa Tours

Address: San Francisco CA 94133 US
Tel: (415)310-9598

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