See the history of the British Royal Navy in Greenwich

Released on: July 17, 2013, 11:06 am
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A new gallery at the National Maritime Museum will tell the story of Nelson and the British Navy in amazing detail.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- A new gallery will open in October at the National Maritime Museum in October celebrating the remarkable life and career of Horatio Nelson. Nelson, Navy, Nation 1688-1815 will use the unrivalled collections of the Royal Museums Greenwich to tell the story of the Royal Navy and the British people during the 18th century. The National Maritime Museum is found in Greenwich, close to all major stations. Visitors to London hoping to book hotel rooms at hotels near Blackfriars station should visit, where the best deals on hotels in London can be found.

The new gallery will show how the navy changed people's lives and shaped the course of British history from a seaborne invasion of Britain in 1688 to Napoleon's final defeat at the Battle of Trafalgar. During this long century of conflict, the navy defended the nation from foreign invasion; protected and advanced British trade; and made an important contribution to British national identity. Central to the gallery narrative is the figure of Admiral Lord Nelson, a man who shaped navy and nation as no other. However, the gallery will also place Nelson within a broader historical context that makes sense of his achievements and dazzling celebrity, and tells a wider story about British society.

The experience of service afloat will be central, seen from many perspectives including those of volunteers, press-ganged civilians and 12-year-old midshipmen. The gallery will place the realities of battle in sharp relief, but it will also convey the everyday concerns of this wooden world: the food and drink that sailors consumed, the possessions they took to sea, the hopes and ambitions they cherished.At the same time, the gallery will also show that this naval story had immediate relevance for people ashore, from gentlewomen in the provinces and rich City merchants, to craftsmen in the royal dockyards and labourers in forests and fields across the country.The story of the Royal Navy in the 18th century is also that of how British people saw themselves, and their place in the world. For more information on this and other events at the National Maritime Museum, see, London's most reliable website for the latest details of visitor attractions.


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