South Beach Interior Designer Firm J. Design Group Completes The Bath Club Project

Released on: July 18, 2013, 6:40 am
Industry: Construction

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Their creativity and style have made J Design group a name in the interior design arena. They have completed successful projects in hotel, restaurant, financial institutions, as well as many upscale homes.

J. Design Group, a leading interior design firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial interior design services, has completed its latest project for The Bath Club in Miami Beach.

The high-end, contemporary design was featured in the latest issue of Miami Home Decor, which they described as tailor made for a perfect fit of soft colors and a careful selection of styles to transform a basic north Miami Beach condominium into a custom retreat for a young family.

The couple gave South Beach interior designer Corredor free reign with the interior scheme and it was remade with quiet restraint that infuses the home with pale greens, creams and beige tones that echo the beachfront visible outside. The magazine notes, The use of texture on walls, furnishings and fabrics, along with unexpected accents of deep orange, add a cozy feel to the open layout.

I used splashes of orange because it's a favorite color of mine and of my clients', said Corredor. It's a hue that lends itself to warmth and eergy this house has a lot of warmth and energy, just like the owners.

The home also features a nod to the South American heritage of the family with a large, wood architectural element that greets visitors when they arrive from the elevator. The piece has a jigsaw design with pieces of cherry wood that fit together like a puzzle and is visible from almost every room of the home, adding warmth and character and serving as a divider between spaces.

Upon entering the space, a large run of marble also leads the eye through the formal living space and out to the sea views, says Corredor. The entry is also illuminated with a Baker Knapp & Tubbs chandelier with a beautiful Laura Kirar cabinet tucked into the jigsaw cherry wood feature. The white marble flooring is present throughout the home and leads the way to the spectacular ocean views.

According to designer Corredor, When we first inherited the project, the family room was small and somber. My objective was to illuminate the space and make it feel much more open and inviting.

Of course, the real test of any interior design project is the satisfaction of the owners. J. Design Group received the following testimonial from the owners of the space:

We are really very happy about all your work done for us. You understood us completely the first moment we walked in to see you. The apartment is beautiful! Every single detail showed your total dedication, love and passion so that everything, no matter how small it was, was perfect. Moreover, you count with an incredible team of people who helped that the final result exceeds our expectations. It's not necessary to say that as a professional you are excellent but as a person even more. We are more than happy with the apartment!

J. Design Group specializes in high-end design and their portfolio with pictures of The Bath Club condominium, as well as the full article from Miami Home & Decor, may be viewed at

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