The Chap Olympiad celebrates sporting ineptitude and buffoonery

Released on: July 09, 2013, 2:58 pm
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The Chap magazine hosts its annual non-sporting event, reports

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Not so much a sporting occasion, rather a celebration of buffoonery and ineptitude, The Chap Olympiad returns on Saturday 13th July. Orchestrated by The Chap magazine for gentlemen and gentlewomen of good taste, it is a spiffing non-sporting event in Bedford Square Gardens. With the gardens centred on one of the best preserved set pieces of Georgian architecture in London, it is a fitting backdrop for such a distinguished occasion on the London events calendar.

Returning for its ninth year, attendants are invited to partake in a number of zany showdowns, including Umbrella Jousting, using bicycles and brollies instead of horses and lances; Tug of Moustache, two hirsute contestants are required to pluck a single hair from their opponent's lip weasel; and Ironing Board Surfing, carried by their teammates, contestants must balance on an ironing board while holding a cocktail.

This year also welcomes a new raft of events to the programme such as the Parallel Bars, which involves contestants standing between two parallel cocktail bars and mixing two drinks simultaneously; Bounder Hunt, females are invited to hunt the bounder throughout the gardens using a large butterfly net, the first one to catch the cad gets to slap him with her handbag; and Beach Volleybowler, a game of beach volleyball with a bowler hat used as a ball and skimpy swimwear strictly prohibited. Contestants will be rewarded on panache rather than sporting prowess.

As well as the non-sporting events, the day also includes banjos, boaters, sandwiches and Pimm's by the bucket load. The dress code is elegant finery, military wear, formal and dandy wear – absolutely no sportswear, except cricket whites, and no ghastly denim.

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