Singer-songwriter Maxime Talbot releases new single 'The Angel It's You'

Released on: August 26, 2013, 5:10 am
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The famed singer and songwriter from Quebec, Canada known as Maxime Talbot has released a new single, titled, The Angel It's You, to global standing ovation. The single stars songwriter, singer and music producer Maxime Talbot at the height of his lyrical prowess, and features also the talents of longtime Talbot friend Claudry. The Angel It's You is a heartfelt, soul-rending and personal song from one of the north's most evocative singers.

Talbot's song, The Angel It's You is both introspective and relevant to the world at large at the same time. It is a timeless story, one of unrequited love and inner strength in times of turmoil, a romantic ballad with a passionate heart in the face of a dark reality. The track is singular in the sense that it involves a remarkable twist at the end of the sad tale, however. Speaking of the theme of his song, himself, Talbot comments:

My single is the story of a man, a nice guy I mean one who is always kind. He thinks romantic love is best when it is shared with one's best friend, but as they always stay friends, he is always alone.

This is a familiar tale to men and women on both sides of the issue all around the world, but here Talbot's story takes a sharp left.

The guy tries to commit suicide, he explains, and the girl who sings is an angel. She will save him from being hit but at the end of the song she tells him, 'I'm your soul.' She never existed. He was talking alone.

With this revelation Talbot describes an interesting romantic conundrum: A one way love cycle, he says, a guy talking with his soul.

Beautiful, powerful, and an exploration into the labyrinthine complications of modern romance, The Angel It's You by Maxime Talbot is one of the most intriguing ballads of the year so far, and one no music fan should miss. When a man bares his soul, it's a sin to turn a deaf ear.

The Angel It's You by Maxime Talbot is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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