Buy the Ltd Edition Double Vinyl of 3 Knights "Burial Proceedings In The Coarse of 3 Knights Remixes" and transfer the Tape Archive of Music of Life to Digital for Reissue and Remixing

Released on: September 09, 2013, 1:54 pm
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Music of Life is an iconic and widely respected UK Ragga Hip Hop label of international repute and probably the most successful UK Hip Hop label ever.

LONDON, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Classic Artists such as Simon Harris, Derek B, Hijack, Hardnoise, Demon Boyz, MC Duke, Daddy Freddy, Asher D, First Frontal Assault, Killa Instinct, Son of Noise and many others graced the label.

Music of Life are using their Project to fund restoration of the tape archive to Digital.

Income from this project will be ploughed in to transferring the tape archive of Classic UK Ragga Hip Hop label, to digital format, re-mastering and
reissuing the music, making remixes and issuing some classic lost tracks that, for reasons no one can explain, did not get released in the early 90's. The archive revealed 5 unreleased Son of Noise classics. 4 more versions of Militant Posture - Dawn of Terror and other gems yet to be

Music of Life has been dormant since 1998 with a limited online offering. A meeting with Chris France (the business brains behind MOL) in September 2012 led to Robin Allinson being appointed Label Manager. His mission was to complete the catalogue available for download.

Many of the recordings were missing. After months of searching, a chance discovery revealed the location of 19 boxes of the original 2 track production master tapes and 24 track tapes in a Publishers storage warehouse. Simon Harris (the music production brains behind MOL) supplied all the DAT tapes he could find. The digital offering expanded as a result with the addition of classic recordings by:

•Killa Instinct
•Son of Noise
•Daddy Freddy & Asher D
•First Frontal Assault
•Kobalt 60;
•Professor Griff
•The Microphone Prince
•Chris Biscuit
•She Rockers
•Sparky D
•Brothers On Organised Mission

The analogue tapes have been sitting in storage since the late 80's and early 90's so they need baking before recording to digital format. Luckily they were stored in the right environment and the tapes we have transferred so far have come out well. The tapes were baked and transferred to high quality Digital files at FX Group in Acton, London, using state of the art machines for the best results. We can get a big discount for doing it in bulk. Transferring tapes allowed us to reissue the first ever LP from MOL, DEF BEATS. Relicense Hijack titles for reissue and start this remix project.

With a modest budget to transfer the tapes to digital for remixing and a wide choice of 24 track tapes to choose from Robin chose a classic.

3 Knights - "Burial Proceedings in the course of 3 Knights".

The idea is that we could raise income to transfer the entire archive in one go. Complete the catalogue, remaster and reissue some lost classics and issue new 21st Century UK Hip Hop and other styles again. The rebirth of a classic label, the rescue and restoration of a classic archive.

Our rewards include being added to the advance promo list for life (£10), digital files (£5) and physical Vinyl containing 3 Knights - "Burial
Proceedings in the course of 3 Knights Remixes" (£25),

This is essentially Hijack by another name. We invited Hijack Producer, DJ Supreme to do a remix. Other producers were invited to make new versions. They all contributed them for free to this project. People that have kindly contributed so far are:

•DJ Supreme (Hijack)
•Mista Bohze (II Tone Committee)
•Krash Slaghta (II Tone Committee)
•DJ Mada (Son of Noise)
•Spatts (The Criminal Minds / 32 Troop)
•Chrome (DEF TEX / Son Records)
•DJ Tones (Sublime Wizardry / 32 Troop)
•Alan Johnson (Hardnoise)
•Sure Shot (Blak Prophetz)

Links in brackets are Discogs

The remixes are all different, with totally new backing tracks. Equally we found the mixes to be of a very high standard and the feedback has been very positive. So much so, that we want to commit as many as possible to wax for the vinyl lovers. The full tracks are available to hear on as 128kbps streams along with much of the Music of Life catalogue.

We have 60 Music of Life slip mats in stock to add to the first vinyl heads package. 10 of them are Glow in the dark.

We know that there is an army of UK Hip Hop fans that would love to get their hands on some exclusive new vinyl from Music of Life and feel this is the best way to involve fans directly in Kick Starting the process.

We have recently relicensed the Hijack titles that came out on Music of Life. The tapes are transferred already. DJ Supreme is still deciding who to ask to remix "Style Wars". Supreme and Alan Johnson of Hardnoise have already made new remixes to issue on Music of Life. We have also
transferredHUSTLERS CONVENTION and Militant Posture. We also have the Demon Boyz LPas 24 track reels!

Other remix projects have been started already featuring new Jungle Drum & Bass from Bay B Kane and Dominic Stanton (Domu, Sonar Circle, Umod, Zoltar etc) / Two Hungry Ghosts Blog. More will follow.

If we don't meet our goal then we won't get any money at all and the release will have to go to digital only and the tapes will sit on the shelf

The video was made by Robin Allinson (Label Manager) in one shot on his smart phone in the studio so may be a little rough and rugged. Thank
you for taking time to read about our project. Check out all Music of Life and Stay On Target remixes below.

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II Tone Committee / Warped Ethics / Whitehouse Records / Impact Records / Solid 'n'
Mind / Whirlwind D / MCM (Caveman)

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