National Metals and Options Exchange Releases Social Responsibility Activities (SRA)

Released on: September 27, 2013, 3:15 am
Industry: Small Business

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- National Metals and Options Exchange announced its 3 rd year of organized Social Responsibility Activities (SRA) in a complete account released internally.

Collated with reference to the Corporate Reporting Plan, the articles are also intended for self-assessment and efficient analysis on the commitment required to sustain the company's social responsibility advocacy. It tackles the following key factors of the SRA: Employee Welfare, Environmental Causes, Sponsorship, External Stockholders.

For every factor, we try to assess the effect from our operations, its effect on others (employees, clients, society), and how we can generate activities that are beneficial to the company, the stockholders, and to the society we belong to, said SRA Head Mr. Patrick Mathers. To be a holistic company, we not only look at profits, but also to our relevance as a member of society. We have to do our part as members of humanity, continued Patrick.

Since the beginning of the SRA, we can look back and proudly say that we have been a positive contributor to society and to the lives of our employees. Employee welfare has been improved with wellness seminars, work related training, recreational activities, and much more. Moreover, as a company we have stood united in adhering to policies and cooperating in environment-directed activities.

Together, we will come to a mutual understanding on these concerns and how we can cooperatively address these concerns. We are looking now at a global business changes were corporations are creating more substance in business by strengthening their social responsibility efforts. National Metals and Options Exchange has heard this calling and is sustaining its SRA activities, added Mr. Patrick Mathers. The SRA report will be disseminated internally through print and via employee accounts. It is imperative that everyone is updated and well informed so they can choose which activities to support and where the company is going in terms of its SRA, said Patrick Mathers.

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