Alumitec Introduces a brand new Aluminium Slat range for the Fencing market

Released on: October 18, 2013, 7:19 am
Industry: Consumer Services

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Alumitec announced on Thursday that they will be starting to distribute a new set of Aluminium Slat range of the companies many Commercial Glass Balustrades products. Factory General Manager Sam Augustini has told us that this range in particular will be welcomed by the residential slats buyer as well as Commercial Slats users. Although the slat products are well known we have asked Mr Augustini to explain in more detail as to exactly what slats are. After taking another sip of his hot morning coffee, he proceeded to give us a detailed explanation of the product.

He says that Slats are thin horizontal plank-like objects attached to a square or rectangular frame. In appearance, slats and the surrounding frame may sometimes look identical to window blinds. Although they may look similar they are definitely not the same as a aluminium venetian blind for example. These aluminium slats are thicker could be more like shutters for example. The other essential difference between window blinds and for example Aluminium slat fencing is that while window blinds can be opened and closed, Aluminium slats are fixed at a particular angle to allow some light and free movement of air. Short of dismantling it, the angle cannot be changed.

Modern Slats versus Traditional Slats

Traditionally, slats were made from cheap quality timber. While you can still obtain slats made from timber, the modern day slats are generally made from fibre, steel, toughened plastic, tin or aluminium Slats . Timber as a material to build slats is not very popular in Australia for a variety of reasons

1. In most shops even the cheapest timber can be quite expensive
2. Another problem is that Timber requires anti-termite coating
3. Also in general Timber requires regular maintenance
4. Timber usually will not last beyond a few seasons and will need to be replaced
5. Should there be a bush fire, investment in timber slats could be reduced to nothing.

Of all the raw materials mentioned (fibre, steel, toughened plastic, tin or aluminium), aluminium is most popular for outdoor Window Aluminium pool louvres or cheap privacy screens and even Sliding Louvre Screens . Aluminium is almost as strong as steel but is several times lighter and is vastly cheaper and of course more durable. Aluminium is easy to cut, drill into, press, bend or fabricate into a variety of residential or commercial projects, shapes and sizes. It is easily welded, bolted and even soldered.

Using aluminium as raw material for Slat production

There is no doubt of the huge advantages of using Aluminium . It is rust proof; weathers well and does not change shape or expand due to moisture or heat. It also has a high melting point and can usually withstand a bush fire. Oxidized aluminium will last a life time if it is maintained properly. During oxidization of commercial Aluminium, colours and patterns can be added. In fact, you could ask for strips that look like wooden planks and also there many patterns that can look quite impressive on windows outside and inside a property.

Aluminium is therefore the raw material of choice in fabricating modern day slats. An aluminium slat is easy to fabricate and even easier to install. In fact, it can even be easily dismantled and relocated or reused elsewhere. Coated aluminium requires next to no maintenance (other than a once-a-week wash).

Slats in the Modern day Home or Building

The slats can be angled to whatever position you require and then fixed at that angle. You could also ask for slats with adjustable angles. These have a lever on the inside which can be pressed or raised to alter the angle of slats - a function that is identical to frosted glass windows fitted in bathrooms. So when you are looking to purchase Aluminium slats and Aluminium seating for your next project, just remember that the day of the boring plain slat are gone and have been replaced by a very new stylish design to really enhance your desired area, whether inside or outside.

Indoor Slats

Indoor slats of the type used on inside window on patios or decks which may be enclosed for example. These tend to be made from fibre. These are even more light weight and cheaper than aluminium slats . Fibre is the material of choice for indoor slats because the objective usually is privacy rather than keeping pests and unauthorized people out.

External Slats

Aluminium slat screens are mainly used to either fence of balconies, pools or boundaries around properties. So next time you need an Aluminium Pool Fencing around your property choose aluminium slats - they are maintenance free, economical, quickly setup and available in a variety of colours and patterns. Your property will never look better.

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