Britannica Launches New State-of-the-Art Capabilities for Optimized Scheduling, Resource Allocation and Qualification Management

Released on: October 24, 2013, 8:16 am
Industry: Aerospace

The groundbreaking Fox qualification, training and learning management solution satisfies the complex systemization & compliance management requirements of aviation training.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- European Airline Training Symposium ( EATS) Berlin, Germany, October 29, 2013 - Britannica Knowledge Systems, the developer of the Fox advanced training management system, is showcasing at EATS (Booth 307) important aviation training operations management innovations in the areas of scheduling and resource allocation and qualification management .

Fox has a new scheduling and resource allocation optimization capability that enables the utmost airline and training provider resource utilization efficiency. The unique and critical feature of this state-of-the-art solution is that it automates and refines record-driven scheduling and resource allocation based on multiple objectives - allowing the simultaneous achievement of more than one goal while managing resources .

Its superior optimization algorithms enable faster times to feasibility and optimality, improving training effectiveness and most of all, potentially saving tremendous expense by maximizing resource utilization and allocation. By shifting variables, such as the distribution of resources or extending the permitted training dates to include early and grace periods, schedulers can compare outcomes including throughput and training costs.

Our ultra-advanced solution ensures efficient and effective training planning and execution. It allows airlines and training providers to schedule all training including a wide variety of certification and qualification programs as well as record-driven remedial and recurring training, said Miki Ringelhim, Britannica's VP Marketing and Business Development.

This new scheduling and resource allocation capability contains a state-of-the-art mathematical programming solver that ensures all resources are most suitably utilized, despite complicated multiple requirement scheduling and allocation scenarios. It easily synchronizes numerous physical equipment, such as full flight simulators, flight training devices (FTDs) and classrooms, and space resources with human instructor and trainees.

What differentiates Fox and is so important, is its ability to optimize scheduling and resource allocation based on many needs.  Schedulers can specify what is necessary and what is nice to have and the system will quickly calculate various scenarios that show choices of different utilization, throughput, and budget outcomes, said Ringelhim.

Examples of objective/requirement variables relevant to aviation scheduling and allocation could include participant quota for classes and necessary pairing definitions such as giving preference to the pairing of a captain with a first officer. Other items could include: required instructor travel time, cost of training, and revenue from external training. Fox then compares this with defined business rules such as certification expiration dates, early and grace certification periods, pilot leave days required by contract, resource working hours (physical and human), required breaks/intervals between training activities, change allowances to currently scheduled events, minimum days between simulations, equipment maintenance, prerequisite activities, and any other defined criterion. Once the outcome is calculated, it can be tested for different results by shifting objective and business variables.  The result is a precise pathway to scheduling management and resource utilization that optimally achieves each airline and training provider's multiple goals within their time, budget and resource limitations.

In addition, Britannica continues to make significant advances with its robust and innovative qualification , compliance and currency management tools , which are applicable to both traditional and alternative aviation regulatory programs. Via these state-of-the-art tools, Fox enables easy compliance with the sophisticated and ever-changing criteria required for professional aviation accreditations to keep instructors, pilots, and crew continuously on the job .

It powerfully supports the airline and provider training needs job task analysis that is essential to developing proficiency-based, regulatory-compliant curricula, flexibly capturing hierarchical job data that follow AQP and ATQP certification guidelines, including tasks, subtasks, skills and objectives. The job task data can be easily transformed into the basis of the curriculum and training events in order to develop a complete curriculum including study programs, training objectives and lesson plans that utilize and test with FAA and EASA-prescribed content. Fox also facilitates the performance and knowledge assessment grading necessary for compliance with AQP and ATQP requirements and based on training customer needs.

Fox helps airlines and training providers improve safety by having qualified professionals on the job and optimize resources using comprehensive FAA and EASA-prescribed curriculum development, assessment, evaluation and reporting. said Ringelhim. No system is better at managing the entire lifecycle of aviation qualification while improving throughput and enhancing learning achievement .

A series of configurable business rules through Fox allows users to determine how learning and training activities are credited to currencies, how changes to standards and qualification requirements affect the current situation, and when users are notified of pending requirements. It enables high-level reporting from airlines to regulators. Data from the mandatory alternative qualification training programs systems can be integrated with its sophisticated reporting tools to provide regulators with a clear understanding of individual and program performance.

Most crucially, Fox is also configured for continuous validation of complete training program quality. Data on individual and/or crew performance gathered during training sessions and pre-subscribed evaluation and validation points is analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the entire compliance program and indicate precisely where improvements are needed.

Fox is a complete, scalable, web-based, commercial-off-the-shelf solution developed and evolved from real user needs in the aviation sector. As Fox complies with regulatory oversight, it facilitates total course scheduling and resource allocation management; continuous instructor qualification and currency; enriched throughput leading to greater sales; improved training program effectiveness; greater learning and performance achievement; and meticulous recordkeeping. The result is an optimized training program that continuously self-validates for ongoing performance improvement.

About Britannica Knowledge Systems
Britannica Knowledge Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Encyclopædia Britannica, offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated training management solutions. The company's proven track record is based on more than 30 years of hands-on experience in providing ideal solutions for the most demanding training operations in the areas of civil aviation, defense, security, UAS, and corporate business. The combination of a robust technology, proven methodologies and unparalleled commitment to quality, all contribute to the company's success and reputable standing. 

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