Female Clergy… Still A Controversy?

Released on: November 15, 2013, 1:32 am
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Los Angeles, California, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- It would be hard to find a topic in the Christian sector that has drawn more controversy than the ordination of women in ministry. In her new book My Shade of Lipstick is Red (SOV Books), ordained minister, Joanne Williams, gives a candid and uncomfortable account of what it’s still like for 21st century women experiencing ‘the call’ -- and the predictable backlash inside the denominational church system.

My Shade of Lipstick is Red book is a must-read for clergy women who have been pushed aside, put down and or pushed back into the ‘church kitchen’ when, in fact, they have just as much to say, teach and mentor as their male contemporaries; if not more, since the female perspective is well-known to be considerably more introspective and, in many cases, dare we say … more devoted?

In My Shade of Lipstick Williams covers first-hand many controversial topics, such as a glossary of her own, fledgling mistakes and the deliberate roadblocks set up against her by, both men and women, in the church system. The result is a treasure-trove of sound advice, coupled with solid teachings on understanding and developing one’s calling. Williams backs up her advice with us an authoritative catalog of instructions on what it takes to maximize one’s call to ministry and pave the way for the next army of female ministers.

Today, Minister Joanne Williams is the founder and president of Grace on Display Outreach Ministries, Los Angeles, California. She also serves as the director of Prison Ministries at her local church and is a member of Alliance of Clergy Women, which enhances the moral, social, educational, and spiritual development of women called into ministry.

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