CCP Solutions Introduces Papercut Software to Rockland Community College

Released on: November 26, 2013, 12:14 pm
Industry: Software

Trailblazing print management software proves to be a successful solution for educational institutions

Suffern, NY, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Rockland Community College knew they were facing a major printing dilemma when allowing their students to print without charge led to going through reams of paper, constant unclaimed printing jobs, and the continuous need to replace ink cartridges. With the ever-increasing cost of printing expenses, the college's library had no choice but to put a halt on their printing services. It was then that the school's officials knew it was time to make a change to their approach to printing services, and fast.

We approached CCP Solutions with the events that led to our unhappy decision to pull the printers from the library and the recognition that there was a solution that would satisfy both students' printing needs and the college's need to cut costs, says Rockland Community's Interim Library Director Sarah Levy. Rockland Community's decision to choose CCP as their managed print provider was made thanks to CCP's unique no cost model, their expertise in managed print services, and their breadth of understanding in deploying print management solutions on college campuses. After consulting with the college and carefully considering their needs, CCP Solutions determined the game-changing solution for RCC: Papercut print management software. The user-friendly print management software Papercut is a one-stop shop to help manage printing for students, with features that include setting student print quota controls, cash and web payment solutions for students, simple web-based administration with robust reporting features, and cutting-edge wireless laptop, remote desktop and mobile device printing capabilities.

Many schools throughout the region are either spending too much money on their current pay-for-print model, or they don't have enough funds to roll out a state-of-the-art solution, so they simply do nothing and use an honor system approach, says Wayne Piskin, CCP Solutions' Vice President. In the older, more traditional model of print management software, the college typically provides the printers and pays for all support, supplies, toner and paper as well as the management of all these areas. CCP takes the pain away from this process and also saves the school typically 20-30% of their overall costs.

So how has Rockland Community benefited from Papercut so far? Papercut is well received by our students, and printing here in the library has been quite active! says Levy. Students can now print in the library from 2 locations, providing greater flexibility and convenience, and have much more versatility in terms of the devices they can print from. In fact, they can print from home computers, wireless laptops, tablets, and even smartphones! Along with the added convenience for students, the college is saving money as well, since there is no longer a need to purchase toner and paper for the printers.

With the added convenience and money saved, it's no wonder that exploring the use of print management software is on the rise for both academic institutions and businesses. Many mid-size to large corporations use these systems and are seeing enormous cost savings by having better controls on their usage, Piskin says. College IT departments are also becoming more savvy in regards to the tools available to help control and monitor usage, and are looking to companies like CCP for the level of expertise they need to help them make better decisions.

Piskin notes that although print management software has been available and in use in both academia and business for close to 20 years, it is truly in the recent two years that Papercut Print Management has exploded primarily in the academic sector. This is thanks to the realization of IT departments that Papercut offers the perfect combination of cutting-edge print management services and an integration with mobile technologies that rivals any competitors' solution.  Papercut simply got it right. IT departments throughout academia have embraced the solution's beautiful simplicity, easy-to-navigate website and awesome capability of this powerful and flexible solution.

All organizations that consider printing costs to be an important cost center to monitor would be advised by CCP to implement Papercut.  CCP Solutions is a boutique document solutions provider with a wealth of expertise in the academic print management sector.  Our unique approach to helping academic environments cut costs without spending one dollar on infrastructure provides an incredible opportunity for schools of all types to start saving a lot of money, says Piskin. Institutions today more than ever before need greater fiscal help, and CCP has the perfect solution.


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