Scar Formula Launches new Anti-Scar Cream for the Scar Treatment

Released on: November 11, 2013, 5:07 am
Industry: Healthcare

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Scar Formula a subsidiary of Keloid Research Foundation which focuses on treatment of different type of scars like superficial scars, deep scars, surgical scars, acne scars burn scars, linear scars, atrophic scars, hypertrophic scars and contracture scars. The new scar cream can also be used for different types of keloids like flat keloids, nodular keloids, linear keloids, guttate keloids, superficially spreading and massive keloids.

The Anti-Scar Cream created by the Scar Formula has been made with  Panax ginseng which is 5000 years old Chinese traditional medicine. Based on multiple experiments and studies Panax ginseng was been chosen as the most efficient medicine for the treatment of scars.

ScarFormula® can be used by any aged people who has an healing wound or scar or keloid or it can also be used for the overall health of the skin. Panax Ginseng not only acts as anti-scar or anti-keloid, it also has the capability to be anti-oxidant which makes it as an medicine to combat aging. ScarFormula® cream can also be used for skin photo-aging. Studies has proven that Panax ginseng contains many bio active constituents which includes multiple ginsenosides, and these ginsenosides can be used as antioxidant or immune-stimulatory or anti aging medicine. This type of scar cream should not be used by the pregnant women or breast feeding or women trying to become pregnant. For more info about panax ginseng check here

The ScarFormula® Cream is different from all other scar creams as because the formulation is based on the extensive prior laboratory research that has consistently demonstrated anti keloid and anti scar properties of Ginseng. The significant amount of radio protective effect on panax ginseng helps in to prevent aging, skin photo-aging and wrinkles on skin.

The ScarFormula® Cream is available at two packages 1 OZ tube and 2 OZ tube. Also 15% of the amount on purchase of the cream will be funded to Keloid Research Foundation which is the 1st non profit research centre for the treatment of keloids which is located in Upper west side of New York City. For any queries about ScarFormula® Cream you can use the expert corner page  in the scar formula website.

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