27After releases new single 'Janie'

Released on: December 19, 2013, 1:52 pm
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Denver, CO rock crew known as 27After have released their latest single, titled, Janie. The single is the most significant official 27After release since their self-titled EP was published in fall of 2012. The EP generated an emphatic ripple of interest throughout alternative rock's underground scene in the United States, as well as on many of the World Wide Web's music forums. Now celebrating the end of their third year together, 27After have released Janie both as a promise of good things to come in the new year and as a further introduction to fans not yet familiar with the signature 27After sound.

27After cite as main artistic influences The Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash, and Pantera. Lead singer and songwriter Cash Crandall also cites King David, and his former auto body teacher and musician, Mr. Wintercock. These inspirations appear in music by 27After in subtle nuances and various undertones, though in the end the result is music that sounds like 27After, and no one else. The trio are characterized by a streamlined, no-frills sound that showcases them as remarkably talented songwriters who record their music as if it were always being recorded live.

Singer Crandall's vocals are a return to the days of genuine vocal talent in rock, and his guitar is neither too flashy nor too plain, a rare mark of good musical taste. Bassist E and drummer Zugs have been performing together since high school, their tightly braided rhythm forming a solid wall of sound behind Crandall that acts as a dependable canvas on which they embellish in turns as they go, E with bass walks here and there, Zugs with fills and contouring strikes. The result is a dark, rich rock tone with a warm feel that works in a broad variety of listening circumstances.

Janie by 27After is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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