Chris Deming releases new single 'Oh Your Love'

Released on: December 17, 2013, 1:39 pm
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The singer and songwriter known as Chris Deming has released his latest single, titled, Oh Your Love. The single is the most significant official release from Deming since his debut EP record, The Freedom EP, published in November of 2013. Like Freedom, Deming's Oh Your Love is a modern pop gospel song directed to his celestial listener, the Christian God. Deming's sound is warm, natural, personal, and absolutely excellent listening for fans of singer-songwriters, religious or no.

Deming cites as main artistic influences such artists as the United Pursuit Band, Jesus Culture, Josh Garrels, David Crowder, and Bellarive. As may be expected, his music is populated here and there with certain attributes inspired by the music of each of them.

Deming writes of the themes in his music, The message of my first album, 'The Freedom E.P.,' is a creative ensemble of fresh organic music declaring the love, relationship, and freedom we have as believers [in Jesus Christ]. 'Song of Freedom' is a cry of gratefulness and thanks for the freedom we have because of His unfailing love, while 'Your Grace' shows more beachy roots in a song that recognizes that by the Fathers grace and love, we are always accepted and called to draw closer to God.

Intuitively, his new single falls not far from this heartfelt and emphatically alive tree.
My newest single, he writes, is an extension of that message in a song that recognizes that the love of God, if we receive it, truly changes us.

Chris Deming's early start in music came from a highly uncommon source: his local public services.

I took a guitar lesson at my local parks and rec and then began playing in church and the youth group band.

Deming's music is genuine in ways that are palpable in his sound, ways that can neither be mimicked nor taught.

Something stirs inside of me as I begin to think about what music really means to me, he writes. To live a true life of worship is my goal, and expressing it through music is my passion. I have loved playing ever since [learning to play]. I've led worship and played music in several youth ministries and churches. I've been a missionary in Central America. I attended music and ministry school in Texas (Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry). I was later asked to come on staff at the school to teach and coordinate bands, and coordinate all the social work and outreach programs that the school was involved with.

Deming has been writing songs since the age of 15. Since the release of his debut EP, he has taken crews of musicians to Brazilian slums, Costa Rican safehouses, Thai human trafficking centers, landfills, orphanages, and even to the homelands of indigenous tribes.

He writes of his evangelical and musical journey, I have traveled, adventured and explored, and all of this has strengthened in me my love for music, God, and the beautiful people and creation around us. My desire is to help people know truth, to know true love, to know a God who lives and moves and cares about us. I want people to experience life to its fullest and nothing less. I want to be changed, to make a change, and make every step on this earth worthy of the short time we have been given.

Oh Your Love by Chris Deming is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

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