Higher Academy, PR Launchers sign cooperation agreement

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-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Higher Academy for Consultation and Training (HACT) and PR Launchers for Public Relations have signed a cooperation agreement aimed to design a strategic plan of cooperation to train and qualify the largest segment possible of Jordanian university students, fresh graduates and employees in the industrial and services sectors.

Under the strategic plan, PR Launchers will carry out the planning and execution phases of the plan, which revolves around three main aspects. The first is to launch an awareness campaign to educate the academic circles and private and official institutions on the international and training programs represented exclusively by HCT in Jordan and a number of Arab countries. The second is to enhance the brand of HACT as an academic institution playing a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the outcome of academic programs and the needs of the labor market. Under the third aspect of the strategic plan, PR Launchers will help the academy enter partnerships with major institutions and Jordanian and Arab universities.

Commenting on the agreement, HACT's Executive Director Ibrahim Al-Abbadi said the deal derives its significance from PR Launcher's capability and expertise in planning, execution and sound selection of the best communication channels that are prone to help the academy realize its vision and aspirations in a systematic, goal-oriented manner.

He added: HACT boasts a diversity of holistic international curricula that primarily focus on upgrading the skills individuals to equip them with the technical capability to engage in the labor market. The fact that students join the labor market without sufficient preparation adversely affects their chances and prompts a large segment of them to change the course of their careers away from their fields of academic specialization, a matter which leads to a waste of their potential and years of university education.

For his part, PR Launcher's Executive Director Amjad Baker said the agreement is about cooperation and partnership between the two parties to design and implement programs and mechanisms to educate university students, employees and alumni on the importance of joining training programs, stressing the significance of complementary roles in preparing cadres that are able to serve their communities and contribute to the development process.

Baker added: We will deploy our local and regional contact network to serve HACT's purposes and harness our technical capabilities to extend bridges of cooperation and joint action between the academy, on the one hand, and universities and national institutions, on the other.

It is worth mentioning that Jordanian universities celebrate the graduation of 40,000 students every year, apart from Jordanian youth who graduate from Arab and foreign higher education institutes, a fact that renders engagement in the labor market a real challenge.


About the Higher Academy for Consultation and Training (HACT)
The Higher Academy for Consultation and Training (HACT) has distinguished itself through the provision of a diversity of educational and training services supervised by experienced academics. HACT seeks to polish and develop the skills of community members in all fields to supply the local labor market with qualified human resources that are able to serve their communities.  Through its Creative Knowledge Unit, which is one of its key components, HACT seeks to detect and develop the creativity of students in the Kingdom. Through the community-based projects and training programs the academy has launched, it has consolidated its partnership with several national institutions and private sector companies. Prominent among these projects are: Business Incubators, the Innovation and Creativity Initiative, Centers of Expertise Project, E-Tests Projects and the Qualification and the Training of Private and Public Institutions Project.

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