Telmar Launches AD Giraffe™; an Application with a Brain

Released on: December 09, 2013, 4:38 pm
Industry: Internet & Online

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- An intelligent application, AD Giraffe is created to help media professionals make the most out of their marketing plans. Using this one application, you can access all the stored demographic data of the market and the statistics that you will need to create comprehensive and effective marketing plans. Thus each step of your plan is backed by research and statistics, giving you an almost accurate idea of the results of your campaign.

When discussing this application further with a Telmar spokesperson, he shared the idea behind creating the application with us, AD Giraffe was created to become an extension of your mind for your marketing campaigns. Thus if you have an inspiration, it gives you the predicted results, and if you want to line up the statistics of past data to see the success trend, it will do that for you.

It is genius software that helps forecast the performance of campaigns based on the extensive data it has. On top of that, you can input your own research data and statistics to it, thus including a wealth of information for it to base its results on.

Once you have input your target market demographics and statistics, audience and cost data into it, AD Giraffe takes care of the rest for you. By using exclusive algorithms, it converts audience and schedule preferences and calculates reach and frequency for every medium in an ad schedule. Another great feature of this application is its ability to calculate and predict the results of switching marketing investment from one campaign to another or from one vehicle to another.

All in all this application allows you to:

  • Analyze cross-media or single-media schedule delivery.

  • Optimize media plans by setting reach, frequency, and expenditure goals.

  • Deliver reports with tables and graphics for individual and mixed media plans.

  • Export and email AD Giraffe reports.

About Telmar
Telmar, a New York based company, is a global supplier of software and marketing tools that help it's users maximize the reach and frequency of their marketing campaigns. With an approximate 10,000 users across 85 countries, Telmar serves many of the world's leading advertising agencies, publishers, broadcasters, and advertisers.

Telmar's strategic media planning services include tools and software that optimize marketing agenda using features such as survey analysis, data integration, and media planning.

The company also offers strategic marketing consultancy and training services to its clients.

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