Dent Doctor - Kids Game Launched by GameiMax

Released on: January 31, 2014, 7:11 am
Industry: Software

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- GameiMax is popular in game development company based on kids they announce the launch of new kids game "Dent Doctor".

Dent Doctor is specially designed for kids who are under age of 5 years. Dent Doctor is available for download from Google Play and iTunes.
The Dentist Game helps to remove child fear and they are familiar with basic dental treatment. The game not only broadens the child knowledge but also creates positive attitude to dental doctors. The game should explore the sense of child between the ages 2-5 years.
The Dent Doctor had three innovative concepts of "Teeth Surgery", "Tongue Surgery" and "Inner View of Tongue". In Dent Doctor the user have to play as doctor. The game begins by choosing patient from given four patients and start the surgery with use of drill to remove green teeth. Next step for the player is use tissue to clean nosy, then use tooth brush to clean teeth properly.

After complete of teeth surgery, continue with tongue surgery players have to remove germs from tongue and wash tongue with water spray. Then spray the mouth freshener and stick colorful funky bandages on injured part of tongue. Next to clean tongue with tongue cleaner to remove dirt, give injection to get relief from pain and also give shock treatment to tongue. At last use nozzle spray to remove insects from nose.

Then stitch the injured part and cover with plaster to save tongue from infection and also allows writing funny messages on plaster. The last step of surgery continues with the surgery of inner view. The funny thing is that players can use color bottles to feel color on tongue and feed the patient with different food.
After complete of surgery the mouth closes with smile, it's an integral completion of great game. The child’s mind works by positive feelings with practical elements
The Dentist Game makes association for child and helps them to develop their educational learning.

GameiMax is leading game development company. They launch 200+ games for kids and provide great support to its game users. It often delivers quality service to their customers with latest technology.

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