Sorbead India Launched Best Solution for Safe Packing through Silica Gel Beads

Released on: January 27, 2014, 12:28 pm
Industry: Chemicals

India, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Sorbead India has launched silica gel white beads that can be effectively used in any type of packing. This gives the users low cost way to make a humidity free packing and dehumidifier applications.

Vadodara, Gujarat, India Silica Gel Beads are in these higher humidity conditions (above 50% relative humidity) that stored or in-transit products are susceptible to damage. These beads absorb water to attain stability so if the amount of moisture is more then they also will absorb more water. The best thing about these beads is that they are able to adsorb water quite effectively. Adsorption of water means that water undergoes no chemical reaction when inside these beads. It only goes inside its pores and can easily be removed, causing little to no damage to the beads.
The process of removal of humidity that is done by these packets is also known as desiccant dehumidification. Desiccants are any substance that is able to absorb the moisture around it. The silica gel whites basically come in the shape of a sphere or are also sometimes irregular in shape. Its assay value is minimum 98%. The pH value of these beads ranges from four to eight making these beads to fall in the acidic category. Even though these beads are acidic in nature they are not at all toxic. This is the main reason why these packets are also usable in food packaging. Its bulk density that is the mineral components that is present in each granule is around 0.55 to 0.65. The loss that it suffers on drying is less than 6. These beads also have great adsorption capacity amounting as high as forty percent of its total weight.

These beads find various applications in various industries. The most basic use is for the drying and cleaning of the air and gases. These beads find great use in any kind of a dehumidification process. Silica beads are also used in the drying of analytical sample as they don’t participate in any type of a chemical reaction. They are also used to protect the sensitive optical instruments and lenses from damage caused due to humidity.

Contact-Details: 304-307, III Floor, Prayosha Complex, Next to Hyundai Motor Showroom, Chhani Jakat Naka, Vadodara

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