After the Disaster in the Philippines, Comic Artists Unite

Released on: February 11, 2014, 11:17 am (EST)
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Pinoy Komic Anthology on Kickstarter is an anthology collecting comics from some of the best indie cartoonists in the Philippines, as well as cartoonists from around the world.


When people think of comics, they typically think of American super heroes, Japanese Manga or Franco-Belgian bande dessinée. Unfortunately the world of Filipino indie comics rarely crosses the radar of the Western world, which truly is a shame. There is so much exciting work coming out of the Philippines, and we feel it is about time everyone started paying attention.

This book focuses on Filipino artists both from within the Philippines as well as those working outside of the country. It features a wide array of artists from popular web cartoonists, indie creators and even industry professionals working for big international publishers (we can't name names!). We think readers will be blown-away by the talent they will find in these pages.

The special thing about this anthology is that it also contains work from international cartoonists from the UK, Korea, Japan, America and Canada inspired by Filipino culture, history and folklore. There are stories of Aswang - shape-shifting vampires - to autobiographical accounts of growing up as a Filipino-American.

We believe this book will make a fine addition to any collection, and we hope it will open the door wide open to the wonderful world of Pinoy Komiks. With support we can make that a reality, and cross borders through comics!

Like any collaborative effort, a lot depends on us coming together as a team. As of right now we already have more than 80 pages of artwork submitted, but that is less than half of what we expect to get before the book is completely finished. Of course we hope to include as much work as possible to showcase all the talent we can find, but sometimes deadlines hit snares, and projects get delayed. We also are planning to use a printer from within the Philippines, especially in the disaster struck area if possible. Coordinating with a printer overseas can present it’s own challenges.

Luckily this is not our first go round. In a previous anthology supported by Kickstarter, we collected submissions from 5 different continents, from countries as scattered as Brazil, Germany, Japan, the UK and Mexico. We worked with an overseas printer that time as well and despite all those obstacles the book was a great success. We learned a lot through previous Kickstarter campaigns, about the importance of regular updates to backers, how to better estimate things like shipping and printer turn-around schedules. With the experience of two successful Kickstarter campaigns under our belt, we feel that we are more than ready for whatever surprises might spring up.

Contact-Details: Big Ugly Robot
Located in Nagoya, Japan

PR Contact:
Zon Petilla (Co-Editor for Project)
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