Animal Pond - Kids Draw Color Paint & Story Book

Released on: February 19, 2014, 7:22 am (EST)
Industry: Education

New Delhi, India, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Classteacher Learning Systems has upgraded the versatility of the mobile application Animal Pond – Kids Draw Color Paint & Story Book by making it available at the Apple App Store on iTunes. This application is an interactive e-book which increases the visual memory of a child. The interest and enjoyment factors have been kept in mind given the fact that this application follows the theme of an online storybook and contains activities that serve to test the child about the knowledge gained from reading the story book.

An eBook approach towards the Animal Pond – Kids Draw Color Paint & Story Book has seemed to have done wonders when it comes to its worthiness. Children are simply reading a story and learning in the process:
• Words
• Sentences
• Geometric shapes
• Drawing
• Coloring

Moreover, they are imbibed with an overall importance of cleanliness, responsibility and teamwork. Children also end up enhancing their visual memory by toddling with this nice application.

A brief description about the application can simply be put forth as a touch-and-learn outlook infused with a story that gels in well with the mindset and preferences of children, specially toddlers or preschoolers. An effective usage of audio throughout the application maintains the element of continuity. There is a consistent flow in the events taking place within the story. This flow is important since it make this application easier-to handle for kids.

The focal point of the story within the application is the task of cleaning up a dirty pond. The animals residing in the pond and its surroundings are quite concerned since the activities of their daily life are getting disrupted due to the state of the pond. Moreover, they are also not happy to see their home in such a dirty state. Hence, they decide to take a stand and clean up the pond. The elements of integrity, responsibility, teamwork are effectively interwoven with cleanliness and the form of this story.

There are many activities within the story itself that children are required to do. Apart from these activities, there are six activities that a child can complete after he has finished reading the story.

These activities are extremely important since each serve an important purpose. Visual recognition, spatial awareness and many other important aspects of learning are covered through these activities.

The introduction of this wonderful application on iTunes is a good piece of news, if you have Apple smart phones, iPads or tablets. Your child will certainly have a fantastic time while playing with this application.

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