Aveda Launch New Hair Therapy For Dry Hair

Released on: February 25, 2014, 10:43 am (EST)
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United kingdom, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- If you’re hair is in need of a serious moisture boost, Aveda is on hand to help. Smoothing, soothing and protecting your locks, the new formula Dry Remedy™ from Aveda is here to give your hair some much needed TLC.

What Is Included In Aveda’s New Dry Remedy™

Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, it is likely to be under assault from the harsh weather we are experiencing right now. As a result of freezing temperatures, winter winds and turned-up central heating, our hair is feeling dry, parched and somewhat deflated.

Helping you tame your somewhat unruly mane, the Aveda Dry Remedy™ products will transform your lifeless tresses into the hairstyle of your dreams. Featuring in the hair therapy range are:

• Dry Remedy™ Moisturising Shampoo – delivering long-lasting moisture
• Dry Remedy™ Moisturising Conditioner – locking in long-lasting moisture
• Dry Remedy™ Moisturising Treatment Masque – for hair that is in need of intensive therapy
• New Dry Remedy™ Moisturising Oil – for instant softness and shine

Aveda’s 10 Top Tips For Nourishing Dry Hair

1. Test for dry hair – First assess whether your hair is dry. Take a strand of wet hair and gently stretch it. If your hair strand stretches by approximately one third and returns to its original length, your hair is healthy. If it snaps or does not return to its original length, it is dry and damaged.

2. Invest in hair care – Invest in good quality products which are formulated for your hair type. Aveda’s Dry Remedy™ has been designed to drench your hair in moisture, proven to improve dry hair by up to 66%.

3. Apply masques before shampoo – Moisturising masques and treatments can sometimes leave your hair feeling too soft or too heavy. To prevent this, apply Aveda’s Moisturising Masque before shampooing and then wash it out twice to give your hair the moisture it needs without weighing it down.

4. Hydrate on the go – If you are finding it hard to treat yourself to an intensive therapy session, utilise time whilst exercising and plait conditioner into your hair before you go on a run. Wash out in your post-workout shower.

5. Reduce heat styling – Turn down the temperature of your styling tools to reduce the damage caused to your hair. Use a tailor made hair protection spray to keep your hair moisturised and healthy.

6. Treat your hair once a month – Use the Aveda Dry Remedy™ Moisture Treatment once a month to improve the quality of your hair. This has been shown to improve dry hair by up to 86% each session.

7. Clever styling – If your hair is dry, avoid styles which emphasise your dry ends. Work with the natural movement of your hair to reduce day-to-day styling stress.

8. Regular Trims – Make regular trips to your stylist for trims. Even if you are looking to grow your hair, get rid of dry and damage ends for a healthier overall appearance.

9. Develop a daily regimen – Look after your hair with a daily haircare regimen. Use the Aveda Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturising Oil on a daily basis to boost moisture.

10. Add to your current regimen – You do not have to change your entire hair regimen to boost hair’s moisture. Choose a product that works on top of your current regimen such as the Moisturising Masque from Aveda.

Aveda Hair Care From Want The Look
Buy the Aveda Dry Remedy™ range online at Want The Look. With free delivery on all orders, you can get the latest haircare remedies delivered straight to your door. Go to www.wantthelook.com.

Contact-Details: For expert help email experthelp@wantthelook.com or call 01295 264040.

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