Broward County Law Firm Launches Community Service Initiative – No Texting While Driving Message and Online Pledge ‘Need to Go Viral’

Released on: February 07, 2014, 8:30 am
Industry: Law

Deerfield Beach, FL, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Personal Injury Attorney Jesse Lieberman and his wife Andrea were disheartened by statistics showing the use of cell phones while driving, and the high number of accidents in which cell phone use was involved. This concern lead to the decision to launch a “NO TEXT” Campaign in South Florida, in hopes of decreasing dangerous phone use and saving lives.

“Everyone knows they shouldn’t text and drive, but it’s so tempting, so easy to do. We wanted to educate people on how truly dangerous this activity is, and provide a forum for accountability and change,” stated Andrea Lieberman, office manager at Lieberman Injury Law.

So they created a public service campaign called “The No-Text Pledge”, which launched one month ago. An online pledge page explains the dangers of texting and driving and shares some statistics. It provides the actual wording of the pledge itself, and a form which the ‘pledger’ fills out and submits. A reply email is then received by the pledger confirming that they have taken the pledge and encouraging them to fully commit to it.

“If they request it, we send them a magnet for their car, which further reinforces their pledge,” Attorney Jesse Lieberman explained. “We also encourage groups and organizations to have all their members take the pledge, and we provide materials and tools for them to use at no charge,” he added. “Until you know someone who was injured or who lost a family member due to texting, you don’t take this message seriously. But truly, it needs to go viral.”

Groups and orgs who have all their members take the pledge can then receive a Certificate of Recognition once their members / supporters have all submitted the pledge form. In addition, one group will be drawn at random (August 2014) to receive a $1000 donation to their charity of choice.

“We’ve given our time and resources to create the pledge form online, and create a Facebook page for the No Text Pledge campaign. We’ve created a forum for texting danger awareness,” Attorney Lieberman stated. “It is up to each individual to actually take the pledge and commit to it – and hopefully, share it with those they care about. The more people who take the pledge and do it, the safer South Florida’s roads will be.”

Sadly, the age group already at highest risk for accidents (teenagers through early twenties) is also the group that uses smartphones heavily, and is most likely to read and make texts while driving.

Explains Andrea Lieberman, “If even one life is saved by this pledge, it was worth doing. The intention is to keep the campaign going indefinitely, and of course, to never stop spreading the message of safe driving.”

Contact-Details: The online No Text Pledge can be found at

Inquiries RE sharing and supporting the pledge campaign effort may call the law firm and ask for Suellen. This includes groups and organizations wishing to take the pledge and be recognized with a certificate. Pledge fliers and magnets can be requested as well. Phone 954 596 9944.

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