MondoTunes announces original music contests for 2014

Released on: February 11, 2014, 12:11 pm (EST)
Industry: Entertainment

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The music distribution company known as MondoTunes has announced a new series of song contests. The contests will be held monthly and open to artists around the world, presented by MondoTunes, renowned artists and music industry leaders. Each contest will focus on a different genre of music, beginning with the electronic dance music called dubstep, which style was popularized by artists like Deadmau5 and Skrillex in the early 2000s. MondoTunes says that song contests in other mainstream music genres are to follow in coming months.

“The submission to the contest is free and open to all styles and recording budgets,” writes MondoTunes. “Judging is purely based on song quality (not just recording quality) including lyrics, melody, progression and structure. Winning prizes include $500 cash, music merchandise from top manufacturers, global digital music distribution to over 100+ countries for winning songs, radio promotions with MondoTunes Radio for an entire year, and a press-release marketing package to promote the contest winner.”

MondoTunes has made entering their competition extremely easy. Requirements for eligibility include uploading the song to YouTube, announcing participation on the official MondoTunes Facebook page, posting the music entry on Facebook, and clicking social media 'share' buttons at the top of the page to help spread the word about the contest.

In addition to encouraging the world's artists to make more music, MondoTunes' music contests are designed to promote socializing between independent music fellows. In this way MondoTunes continues to show its genuine care for music artists at large, which has been a characteristic their clients have commonly cited as a reason for choosing Mondo over other reputable companies.

“This is not a popularity contest,” MondoTunes states. “It’s a talent contest. We are extremely excited about hearing some of the entries that come in, and helping to shine a light on some of the top undiscovered talent out there!

MondoTunes' panel of judges will change from competition to competition. They will include a mix of music industry executives, sound studio professionals and popular artists. For more information regarding MondoTunes' Best Song contests, please click here, or visit




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