Trash As Art Launches PAPER Upcycled Necklaces

Released on: February 04, 2014, 10:48 am
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Trash As Art launched has launched “Paper” a marketing campaign focusing on its upcycled newspaper necklaces. The necklaces are in the style of chunky drop pendants of varying shapes. They are light weight due to being made out of paper. Many of the colors and styles of the pieces are very bold, with various color combinations from color blocking to marbleized effects. Some of the necklaces contain other embellishments such as glitter and beads. The necklaces are made for both women and men.

Since each necklace is fashioned by hand, there are no exact duplicates. Company artist and owner Satya says "I strive to make each piece something that would represent someone's style and personality. I try to give that ‘this is who I am’ factor. Each piece is unique, so if someone likes it, they should get because it might not be there tomorrow!"

The process takes about a week for each batch of pendants to be made. The paper is cut and prepped and then each pendant is molded into its particular shape. They are left to dry, flipped, and re-rolled as necessary depending on the shape. Once fully dried and formed, they are painted, sealed, and hung on the cord and made available for purchase.

Trash As Art specializes in taking custom orders so anyone can contact the company and have a necklace made to their personal specifications. A limited number of necklaces are posted on the site at a time so customers should check back regularly for new necklaces.

Necklaces start at $9.99 and can be purchased at the website Trash As Art has also made purchasing even more accessible by making a store for fans to shop directly from its Facebook page

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