Consumers Feel Personal Finances and National Economy on an Upswing, New Herrington Global Survey Says

Released on: March 12, 2014, 2:39 am (EST)
Industry: Financial

HONG KONG, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Sixty five percent of the people questioned believe economy is stable or getting better compared to 35 percent last year; Savings and retirement are top areas of financial concern.

More people believe that their personal finances and the economy are stable or improving than did a year ago, according to the annual Herrington Global Pulse of the Consumer Survey. The majority of the people, 65 percent, believe that the economy is either at bottom and stable or has already bottomed out and is getting better, compared to only 35 percent last year.

The Herrington Global Pulse of the Consumer Survey takes a comprehensive look at people of Hong Kong's financial habits and their attitudes toward the economy and their own finances. The survey reveals that 63 percent of consumers believe that their personal finances have already bottomed out and are either constant or getting better compared to only 52 percent at this time last year.

Savings Remains Primary Concern for Consumers - When it comes to managing their personal finances, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of the people are most concerned about having enough money in savings. Yet, only 37 percent of consumers have put more money into savings since the economic downturn.

Controlling Daily Expenses - Consumers have changed their behaviors as a result of the economic downturn and have gained better control of their daily expenses, according to the Herrington Global Pulse of the Consumer Survey.

Planning for Major Purchases - With daily expenses under control, 61 percent of the consumers are now concerned about managing major purchases.

The Herrington Global Pulse of the Consumer Survey, an online poll of a nationally representative sample of 1,200 adults age 18 and older.

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