Scribe Releases Free Add-In for Authoring and Editing in Microsoft Word

Released on: March 03, 2014, 1:52 pm (EST)
Industry: Software

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Scribe Inc. released the Scribe Add-In Lite (SAI Lite) an authoring and editing tool designed to work in Microsoft Word. The SAI Lite, available as a free download at, helps apply structure to manuscripts. This tool is designed to help publishing professionals and authors structure manuscripts so they can be published efficiently. Whether used in conjunction with Scribe’s Well-Formed Document Workflow (, or independently, the SAI Lite makes it easy to style elements in publications thereby making the publications process remarkably easy.

The SAI Lite expedites processing through any structured publishing program by allowing users to easily define and structure manuscript elements (e.g., an a-head or block quotation). It features a ribbon that facilitates the application of Word styles, allowing authors and editors to structure most common elements with a single click. The SAI Lite contains styles that correspond to Scribe Markup Language (ScML), an intuitive, publishing-specific XML that is in wide use throughout the industry.

The SAI Lite is free for anyone to use, works intuitively within Word on both Mac OS and Windows, and does not require technical knowledge of XML. Thus, it is set to become a standard feature among all editorial and writing professionals.

Making Word Superior Editorial and Authoring Tool

While helpful for business, home, and student users, the typical use of Word and its features can interfere with the publishing process. The Scribe Add-In transforms Word into an environment that allows the information in a manuscript to be conveyed through the typesetting and e-book processes.

Word’s default settings create difficulty for print and electronic publishing. With SAI Lite, the intent of the author or editor preserved and consistency of structure is *automatically checked* by the Add-In. This eliminates guesswork at later stages and makes it easy for authors/editors to spot and rectify problems before they become problems for typesetters and e-book developers. The result is better quality publications, shorter schedules and significant cost-savings.

The SAI Lite can be used independently or in concert with Scribe’s workflow. Scribe is in the ideal position to bring “Well-Formed Publishing” to venues outside of traditional publishing houses. Since the WFDW and SAI Lite’s full-featured cousin (the Scribe Add-In) are tried and tested throughout the industry, Scribe knows precisely what works and what is essential. The underpinnings of Scribe’s Add-In Lite are based on the simplicity of a single concept—the Well-Formed Document—but have powerful consequences upstream and throughout the publishing chain.

Scribe ( is a US-based editorial, production, e-book, and workflow development company with locations in Philadelphia PA, Allentown PA, and Fort Lauderdale FL. Scribe has over 60 employees and produces over 1400 books a year.


Contact-Details: David Rech

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