Launches Network Cabling Service

Released on: April 02, 2014, 3:52 am (EDT)
Industry: Internet & Online

Phoenix, USA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- has stepped into network cabling. Yesterday evening, their chief marketing officer announced the news at an event organized within the premise of their physical set-up.

Insisting on the need for a comprehensive data cabling service, the officer said, “As an electrical contractor Phoenix, we have already carved a niche for us. Now we have made it our priority to extend our service pack to other fields. With that intention in mind, our company has flung itself into the stream of network cabling service. I wonder if I need any further mention that the cables we use are of supreme quality. Those, who have already received our service, know it very well that we work with only the supreme quality materials and nothing short of that”.

Fiber Optics, Cat5 and Cat6 are highly rated for network cabling, with the last being the latest in the industry. However, all of them are durable and offer very high speed. Cost is not same and differs according to features and functions. “Cat6 Phoenix is the 6th generation product in the field of Ethernet cables using twisted pairs of wiring. Cat6 ranks the top and is clear of the chasing packs on strength of its wider range of advantages and applications. Cat 5 is an older version but it also uses four individual pairs of copper wiring”, he added.

The marketing division head added that it is his soulful intention to educate the attendees and other consumers about network cabling so that they can make a good choice in times of their need. An optimally working network infrastructure has become a stepping stone for success of any business irrespective of whether it heavily depends on internet activities or not. This is because, no business can stay in the race without the power of internet. Hence, it once again explains the importance of working with good electrician Arizona that offers high quality service in the range of cost-excellent charge.

“We don’t like anyone to be on the frills as serving everyone is our motto. To fulfill the purpose, we have nailed our service charge within an affordable limit. Cat6 is expensive but can add pace and power to your business. However, even if we use Cat6 or fiber optics phoenix for installing cable network, we never go beyond your budget limit. Another most important aspect of our service is it is always customized as per your requirements and budget”, he added with a smile.

About It is an online set-up of a Phoenix-based company that offers a wider breadth of service including network cabling, audio cabling, video cabling, phone system installation, voice and data cabling. The company has picked up respect and reputation for its customized, excellent and cost-saving cabling service.

Contact-Details: 1750 East Sharon Dr Phoenix,AZ85022

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