Organic Essence Inc. Introduces USDA Organic Deodorant with Novel, Home Compostable Eco Tube Packaging

Released on: April 29, 2014, 5:02 am (EDT)
Industry: Retail

Crescent City, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Organic Essence Inc. announced today the expansion of its line of USDA certified organic body care products to include Organic Confidence™ Deodorant. These four new deodorant additions are powered by odor stopping baking soda, feature coconut oil to nourish and protect underarm skin and have fabulous organic aromas and a non-scented version. Organic Confidence™ is a first of its kind product in the deodorant category world-wide.

“Our Organic Confidence™ Deodorant formula offers effective, all-day results,” said Ellery West, CEO of Organic Essence. “They’re non-staining, aluminum-free, certified organic and smell amazing. Organic coconut oil is perfect for conditioning sensitive underarms. Lemon-Tea Tree Mint is refreshing and clean that can take on the most difficult armpits. The Lavender is the real thing, try it and you will know what lavender is supposed to be. Wood Spice is warm, woody and sensual and Natural exudes a very mild coconut aroma. Not only is Organic Essence introducing powerful, certified organic deodorants, but the packaging is entirely made out of paper – which recycles with household paper and is genuinely home-compostable which means zero packaging waste. When the consumer is finished with the deodorant, they can toss the paper package into their garden and it will return to the life cycle, supporting more life. This is the best of both worlds; organic body care products with truly sustainable Eco Tube packaging.”

Organic Confidence™ Deodorants are joining a unique array of organic skin care products, including fragrance –free Pure Organic Shea Butter, five delightful Whipped Body Butters, four Organic Shea Creams that moisturize and are excellent for massage, and six sumptuous Organic Lip Balms. Organic Essence is taking body care to a new level, showing the way to a synthetic chemical-free and genuinely sustainable way of life with its USDA Organic certification and innovative compostable paper jar (Eco Jar) packaging. Like the Eco Tube, when the consumer is finished with the product, the Eco Jar can be home composted or recycled with paper goods.

Organic Confidence Deodorant™ are currently for sale at and in select stores throughout the nation, retailing for $9.99.

About Organic Essence
Organic Essence is America’s organic body care pioneer combining the highest quality USDA certified organic ingredients with home-compostable (zero packaging waste), paper packaging innovations; Eco Tubes and Eco Jars. Organic Essence meets and exceeds consumer’s needs for environmentally friendly and sustainable products — to help people feel better, reduce chemical exposure, live healthfully and sustainably; not only for themselves, but for the planet and all life to come. Organic Essence products are available through select US stores, around the world and online at

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