Boundary Waters Resort & Marina: TriToon Boats - Best of Both Worlds!

Released on: April 05, 2014, 1:01 pm (EDT)
Industry: Sports

Hiawassee Georgia, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Spring is here and soon the lakes around North Georgia will be hopping with water sports enthusiast of all kinds. Families that enjoy water tubing, water skiing, wake boarding, fishing, cruising, and just lounging about, are looking into new boats, used boats, and upgrading the water craft they already own. One popular option in the past 10 years has been the revival of the pontoon boat, but with a 3rd log, or pontoon, in the middle. This 3rd pontoon, or TriToon, gives the boat more lift, stability, and with planning strakes – SPEED!

It used to be that comfort came at the cost of fun for the family when choosing pontoon boats over more traditional ski boats or bass boats. While the slower passengers enjoyed the easy and stable ride of the pontoon, the fishermen enjoyed the platform and shallow draw of the pontoon for all of the leisure activities they excel at. Unfortunately for the more adventurous, most pontoons that your grandfather enjoyed weren’t great at pulling adult water skiers or even tubing. At a not so brisk 8 knots, the little ones could still enjoy the adventure of “getting out there” and being pulled through some great scenery on Lake Chatuge. But, the older kids and the adults alike, were hard to throw off a tube or intimidate with rough water even at WOT (wide open throttle). Then the TriToons appeared. With planning strakes on some models to provide a ski-boat style ride at WOT, and motors ranging upwards of 250hp, and even some with inboard/outboard – stern drive motors, these new beasts of the lake can bring a water wedgie to the most hardened lake sports enthusiast! Want to slow it down a little, back off the 35 knot speed run and settle into a nice leisure cruise? The TriToon maintains the pontoons signature smooth, stable ride ride once the throttle is brought back to a more conservative level. None of the choppy/sloppy ride of a bass boat trying to make its way through a busy channel at 1500rpms, but a more relaxed floating living room that slips through the chop like pontoon should. Fishing? When you’ve skimmed up to weeds with only a few inches of draft, the signature North Georgia bass and schools of pan fish won’t be any further away than quick flick of your wrist with the cheapest rod/reel you own.

Want to experience a TriToon for yourself? Head up to North Georgia and visit the #1 JC Pontoon dealer in the United States, Boundary Waters Resort & Marina in Hiawassee Georgia. You can’t test drive one on Interstate 285 in Atlanta, but you can see their boats on Lake Chatuge. If you walked on one at the Boat Show, go try it out on the water. A short drive from Ashville, Knoxville, Charlotte, Atlanta, or just about anywhere in the South East.

Contact Details: D Hollis
2105 Barret Park Dr #108
Kennesaw, Ga 30144


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