Acclaimed Travel Site Becomes the Latest Fundraiser for the British Museum

Released on: May 08, 2014, 5:57 am (EDT)
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LONDON, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- V London City today announced their plans to run a £1000 fundraiser for the British Museum. The travel and tourist site, known for its excellent and informative articles, hopes that by encouraging donations they will raise awareness on the plight of many of the capital's top cultural landmarks.

Cuts from the coalition government have hit sites like the British Museum hard ever since 2011, and increasing pressure has been mounting on the Department of Culture to defend its decision making. The arts council has seen stinging cuts that would have have far reaching effects upon the community, had it not been for the generous donations of the public and of several key benefactors. Charity however, cannot be relied on forever and many are calling for the reinstitution of pre-recession budgets for matters of art and culture.

Sophia Rhodes, the lead writer for the site, explained why they felt that supporting the British Museum was so important. "The age of austerity is threatening to take many of our national treasures away from us. There are too many accountants looking at relics purely in terms of their monetary value and ignoring what it is that makes them so special. We are sleepwalking in a state where art and culture is seen as a luxury, one that can dispensed with in order to generate quick cash. What these cuts may save in the short term will cost the country dearly over time, and action has to be taken to preserve the excellent work done by many museums over the last century or so."

When asked about why she V London City, a non charity organisation, should be running a fundraiser she responded passionately. "The culture and wonder of London is our business. Commercially, institutes like the British Museum are the vital cogs that keep the city's tourism booming and draws in heavy crowds regardless of day or season. It's more than that though: every citizen of Britain has a social responsibility to preserve these wonderful treasures. It's a part of our national heritage and losing it now would be an utter tragedy."

Donation for british museum can be done safely and securely via justgiving here -

Representatives from the Department of Culture were not available to comment on the issues raised, but there is a general feeling amongst many that this is a matter beyond their control. They don't set the budget, they merely allocate it and action at a much higher level is needed for many of these cultural efforts to secure their futures. If that's true, then fundraisers like this one are vital: if not for the money that they generate then for the awareness they raise in the public and the subsequent pressure this has on decision making.

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