Discover the best Singapore Math® strategies: Singapore Math® Seminar in Norwalk, CT on June 26 & 27

Released on: May 07, 2014, 4:33 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

Norwalk, Connecticut, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Singapore Math® seminar is designed for teachers and administrators to gain an in-depth understanding of the highly effective Singapore Math teaching strategies. Many of these strategies can be easily incorporated or integrated into already existing elementary and middle school mathematics programs.

The seminar will help teachers to understand and to experience the meaning of the Singapore Math’s pedagogy, which is presented as a way to understand the world, starting with hands on experiences, progressing to pictorial representations, which will culminate with the abstract problem solving.

The focus of the seminar is on the mathematical content knowledge, which lays the foundation for the Singapore Math program. Specific examples will vividly show how to build a strong number sense foundation for elementary school students with teaching cardinality of a number, composition and decomposition of numbers, “making and breaking 10,” structure of numbers, mental math, addition and subtraction strategies with and without re-grouping, and others.

Recently, Singapore Math became one of the most popular K-8 mathematics programs for schools in Connecticut. Over a dozen of elite private schools as well as high profile public school districts in Connecticut implemented either the authentic or the Americanized versions of the Singapore Math curricula. And the trend for adopting Singapore Math in schools is steadily growing in Connecticut.

The feedback from parents, teachers and administrators that adopted the authentic Primary Mathematics version of the program has been overwhelmingly positive: “Absolute Joy, Home Run,” states Frank Corbo, a Mathematics Coordinator from Westport Public Schools that implemented Singapore Math® Primary Mathematics three years ago.

By attending the seminar, teachers will benefit from experiencing these proven and time-tested strategies that help create confident students with strong critical thinking skills. And they will understand why the program became a “Home Run” for many students, parents and teachers that use it.

A full day will be allocated to the Model Drawing. It will help teachers to master solving even most challenging multi-step word problems with ease and speed. Model drawing, which is one of the crown jewels of the Singapore Math program will be fully discussed and explained. Ample opportunities for practice will allow teachers to have enough time to solve word problems with a variety of Bar Modeling techniques, such as Part-Whole, Comparison and Before-And-After Models. This knowledge will in turn enable teachers to introduce these techniques in their classrooms even if they don’t use Singapore Math as a core program in their schools.

Teachers will benefit from learning all of the key features of the Singapore Math program, which include Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract, Jerome Bruner’s constructivist research, model drawing, building fluency and metacognition.

In addition, teachers will also benefit from the interactive part of the seminar, which is designed to give time for hands-on-experiences with practicing fun games and activities for building fact fluency for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Finally, by learning about Singapore Math framework, teachers will gain a deeper understanding of the Common Core State Standards of Mathematics. Singapore Math framework’s five pillars, which consist of concepts, skills, processes, attitudes and metacognition closely resemble the eight standards for mathematical practices in Common Core.

Suggested audience: K-5 teachers, special education teachers, administrators and math specialists.

East West Math LLC specializes in the Singapore Math® and Lesson Study professional development services. East West Math LLC ‘s team of experts provides a high quality professional development in Primary Mathematics, Math in Focus, Japanese mathematics and the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics to many schools and districts in the tri-state area and across the United States.

East West Math, LLC

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