Liberty Building Forensics Group Completes Expert Witness Work for Pegasus Landings

Released on: May 07, 2014, 4:25 am (EDT)
Industry: Construction

Orlando, Florida, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Florida-based Liberty Building Forensics Group® (Liberty), a leading building forensics firm that has solved some of the world’s largest and most complex building moisture and mold problems, has recently completed an expert moisture-related consulting project for a building project called Pegasus Landings.

An affiliated student-housing complex for the University of Central Florida, Pegasus Landings had undergone significant moisture-related damage in both the interior and exterior of 34 buildings, which resulted in more than $54 million in renovations and repairs.

Liberty conducted an investigation and analysis to determine the design and construction defects that had caused the damage. Liberty Vice President George DuBose also provided expert witness testimony on behalf of the property manager defendant for both building envelope and HVAC-related defects, allowing the parties to arrive at a confidential settlement.

"There are hundreds of complexes across the country at this kind of risk. The property manager is the last person standing in a world where an increasing number of buildings have underlying design or construction defects that have gone unresolved," DuBose cautioned.

If you suspect your building may be suffering from a mold or moisture-related problem, it's in your best interest to contact a building forensics firm like Liberty to look into possible construction or design deficiencies.

A recognized leader in helping clients design and construct complex, sustainable green buildings, Liberty proactively addresses possible failures of those same projects. Our philosophy is that proactive problem avoidance is always the best approach. The Liberty staff has a combined 200 years of experience in solving construction and design deficiencies, including over 30 years consulting with Walt Disney Corporation on more than 500 highly complex construction projects worldwide.

Internationally, the firm brings the expertise and knowledge of over 1,000 projects (across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe and Asia) to meet your needs in commercial properties. Liberty’s clients have successfully built over $20B in construction as a result of our problem avoidance peer reviews. We have assisted clients in recovering over $500 million through our proven ability to understand and apportion complex moisture-related insurance claims and then to effectively communicate our findings to a judge or jury. Visit us at

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Liberty Building Forensics Group
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