Mobile app developers launches hidden research tool

Released on: May 29, 2014, 7:15 am (EDT)
Industry: Small Business

Gold Coast, QLD, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Nearly around 83 percent of web traffic converge at B2B sites from desktops, says a report by an online marketing agency. Shocked but true, here is a news which will be educating a lot of marketing geniuses.

Research on Mobile

There's more traffic from mobile platform but transaction rate is very less, says a Gold coast app developer.The ROI from mobile phones may be less but provides a great insight about consumer behaviour, their buying and online surfing pattern.The truth is users usually conduct research on mobile devices but perform the transaction on larger screens. therefore, mobile devices are playing the roles of an assistant to a purchase. Its becomes vital from marketing point of view to make any ROI assessment.

Methods to evaluate the transactions

Evaluating sales conversions for a given product with and without marketing on mobile devices, switching on and off of google adwords.For example, search on mobile devices is often used to locate a nearby physical retailer for a given product or service. When this research leads to conversion in monetary terms calls for an indebt analysis.

Partnering with Mobile Brands and Carriers

Because of the oozing demand Several app developers and companies are now partnering to release their apps. This would be a win-win situation for them. However, the app developer would enjoy only a smaller piece of the revenue, and larger goes to the brands.Besides this it also gives you a chance to manage the look and feel of apps. Its a good opportunity for budding app developers to showcase their work and get noticed in this marketplace.

Limitations of the Developer

Mobile app developmet is not easy or simple. The biggest constraint is its size.The second important factor is that app stores do not promote all of a developer’s content .This makes even more challenging for the showcasing all the creations by a developer.

Apart from this there is definately a large pool of customers who are tech savvy and waiting for a new challenging mobile application to launch in the market.



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