OEG Launches Consumer Watch Initiative

Released on: May 23, 2014, 5:18 am (EDT)
Industry: Consumer Services

Mississauga, ON, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Ontario Energy Group has expanded its customer service division and created an open and objective platform for informing and addressing Ontario homeowners and consumers as to the true nature of Ontario's energy business.

To this end, OEG has launched the Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch project, a consumer-based advocacy group that provides Ontario homeowners a chance to have questions about the energy business answered and complaints about unfair practices heard. OEG Consumer Watch is not designed to solicit sales, push products, or make decisions on behalf of consumer interests.

The attention of OEG Consumer Watch is on local Ontario scams that plague homeowners, as well as helping to differentiate and clarify the state of Ontario's door-to-door sales culture. This it to help Ontario homeowners differentiate direct marketing enterprises from dishonest and unscrupulous scam artists.

In addition, this platform is also intended as an open forum to hear and publish consumer complaints from real Ontario homeowners who have felt cheated or abused by an often confusing and unregulated energy marketing business. With an energy industry that has become more and more removed from the pro-consumer model from which it was originally conceived, Ontario Energy Group has allowed consumers to have their voices heard and their complaints addressed as impartially as possible.

In keeping with Ontario Energy Group's commitment to sustainable energy usage, OEG Consumer Watch also provides homeowners tips, advice, and industry news with an environmental context. While environmental issues have become politicized in Ontario in recent years, these issues affect all homeowners and Canadian citizens as a whole, and providing homeowners will real solutions to save energy and help the environment will better equip them to face energy challenges in the future.

OEG Consumer Watch is available for a wider online audience who wish to take part in a greater dialogue about the Ontario energy business, and the door-to-door business that typically drives its practice. Consumers will also be able to connect with the site through a variety of social networks to keep up to date with breaking news about scam alerts, environmental news, and changes in the industry as they happen.

To learn more about Ontario Energy or share with us concerns or comments you have about experiences at the door with an energy sales rep in Ontario, please visit pro-consumer watchdog Ontario Energy Consumer Watch: http://oegconsumerwatch.com/.

About Ontario Energy Group
Based out of Mississauga, Ontario Energy Group is a fully licensed home services contractor and HVAC appliance retailer. Ontario Energy Group offers consumers a full range of HVAC products with installation, including gas furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioning units.

OEG prides itself on offering energy efficient units that may help homeowners reduce consumption and save money on their utility bills. In addition, products are offered to help optimize energy efficiency in homes to help homeowners get access to government rebates that reward the highest in home-efficiency standards. OEG maintains a full in-house staff of HVAC specialists, maintenance and delivery teams, and a team of at-home inspectors that can provide expert advice on all facets of home energy use.

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