Pop Artist Naama Kates Releases New Music Video For "Airplanes"

Released on: May 30, 2014, 2:01 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

New York, New York, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Hailing from New York but creating music in Los Angeles, electro pop artist Naama Kates has released a music video for her latest single "Airplanes". The abstract artist has cemented her niche within the alternative electro pop genre with her dark, looming sound and her hauntingly suave voice, her latest effort is "Airplanes" is a story-driven record that takes flight into your visual senses.

Often times, you take a moment and think of where you are in life, and in that split second, you are transported into your conscious. Music has had that effect countless times but Naam Kates has her own personal view of how she thinks of live. Her single "Airplanes" reflects on where she is in live and though she wants to amount to something big, she can only do so much. The music video for "Airplanes" uses excellent camera techniques and very stylized editing to achieve an almost surreal, dream like video simply by using the environment of Los Angeles.

The video begins with a time-lapse up on a golden afternoon in the shrub filled hills of Los Angeles, as it blends from afternoon to twilight. There, the camera shift into the singer solemnly riding a car, singing about her experiences of the night, a metaphor for her experience as a musician. There are very high resolution shots of the city as well as nature during the night that help reinforce the approach of thinking inward and just observing one’s surroundings.

The video continues on to showing even more intricate night shots of the city, as it beams a radiant green hue throughout, almost like the emerald city reminiscent of "The Wizard of Oz", a perfect metaphor for achieving dreams. The video slides right back in to Namma Kates singing in the car while jolting directly into a another scene of city lights in their natural habitat; unadulterated lighting combined with slow motion effects to ease the listener and the viewer to match the music.

An interesting take on life’s experiences and thoughts, Naama Kates has superbly combine abstract art and meshed it well with a music video for her song "Airplanes". As an artist pushing the limits, "Airplanes" is definitely a strong fit for her image. Watch her new video and be taken aback from her vivid images and lyrics.

Contact-Details: 1814 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 278-0662

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