Stimulsoft releases new version of Stimulsoft Reports - 2014.1

Released on: May 06, 2014, 4:21 am (EDT)
Industry: Software

Vitebsk, Belarus, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Stimulsoft Company, a leading vendor of software products for generating reports and data analysis, is pleased to announce the release of new versions of reporting tools Stimulsoft Reports 2014.1. The official release expands the list of supported localizations, simplified dialog forms, integrated style designer, encryption algorithm AES 256bit for PDF-files.

"Each customer is very important for us, - says Ivan Shmatov, a head of the technical support department - wherever he lives and whatever language he speaks. Indeed, look at the list of languages that our products support. It is more than thirty! With the version 2014.1, the entire product line Stimulsoft Reports supports Catalan (ca-ES), Euskera (eu-ES), Galician (gl-ES), as well as British English (en-GB). At the same time, we have integrated two new functions – DateToStrPt and DateToStrPtBr. They are used to display dates in words in Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, taking into account national peculiarities of their writing."

Another step towards simplification and understanding the software is enhancement of dialog forms of exporting reports in Mobile Viewer. Dialogs are now intuitive and comprehensive. Some of them were grouped together. This feature applies to forms of exports in Excel, Word, HTML, data files.

In Stimulsoft Reports 2014.1 it has been made possible to quickly and easy create a report form by the user’s request. Simplified work with styles is implemented in the report component Mobile Designer for MVC (HTML5). The style designer allows creating, editing, and adding new report styles. Moreover, it became possible to create collections of styles.

Any information should be protected, and the users themselves need to be sure that they can trust Stimulsoft in the security issues. The new version of reporting tools can encrypt reports by the algorithm AES Advanced Encryption Standard) 256bit for PDF files created in Stimulsoft Reports. The PDF format has a built-in encryption. This means that it is possible to put a password in a document, without which it is impossible to perform certain actions with the document such as opening, printing, editing. Encryption can be performed by different methods. They differ from each other by the algorithm and key length.

Initially, the Acrobat products use RC4 40 and 128-bit encryption methods. Eventually appeared more robust encryption algorithm AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). At this moment it is the best built-in Acrobat encryption method.

Company Profile
Stimulsoft is a leading supplier of components for creating reports for the most popular development platforms. Stimulsoft’s customers include many large and small business organizations, government, educational, and non-profit institutions in more than 130 countries worldwide.

To get more information about the product, documentation, video tutorials, as well as its free evaluation copy, please visit the website of the company at

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