American Green Technology® Announces LED Option Available for Arcalux® HRMS

Released on: June 23, 2014, 2:07 am (EDT)
Industry: Energy

South Bend, Indiana, June 23, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- American Green Technology® (AGT) a world class leader in energy efficient induction lighting technologies has added new options to the Arcalux® Health Risk Management System (HRMS) line including an LED lighting panel. The LED version will be called the HRMS02. In addition, an HRMS version without a down-light called the HRMS03 is now available for customers who are looking for the air purification and pathogen elimination that the system delivers, but do not require the light.

“For most of our customers, their needs often differ when it comes to lighting or design,” said Meredith Jimenez, Corporate Communications Director. “At AGT, our goal is to offer the best options possible with the new LED panel and the version without a down-light; we now have the flexibility of choice along with the standard fluorescent HRMS. I’m sure the HRMS02 will be a popular choice. More importantly, the HRMS in any form still offers excellent protection against deadly HAI-causing pathogens. It is a tool that can help save lives.”

The state of the art LED panel has a soft “MoonGlow” appearance and provides excellent lighting distribution and light levels. The HRMS02 comes in standard or in a high-powered factor where additional or task level lighting is needed. The color standard is 4100 kelvin, but it will be available in 2 additional color variations; 3500 kelvin or 5000 kelvin.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cancer patients are especially prone to infection during chemotherapy treatment and are more at risk for complications from infections. Each year, 650,000 cancer patients receive treatment at outpatient cancer centers and 1 in 10 patients is hospitalized for an infection. Because cancer patients are more susceptible to complications that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and fever, the installation of the HRMS in outpatient cancer centers can keep the air clean for patients with compromised immune systems and help fend off dangerous bacteria like MRSA or C. difficile.

AGT supports the LIVESTRONG Foundation’s mission of improving lives of people affected by cancer now. For more information, visit

About American Green Technology:
American Green Technology® (AGT) is a company dedicated to developing innovative products to positively impact the health, economy, and environment of global communities. Its ultra-long, energy efficient induction lights dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs, while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of its commercial, government, and industrial clients. AGT’s Health Risk Management System (HRMS) is a patented lighting product clinically proven to eliminate 99.7% of airborne pathogens that cause Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) in hospitals and cancer centers. According to the World Health Organization, HAIs are contracted by hundreds of millions of people every year, and AGT’s commitment to this innovation is a shining example of the approach that LIVESTRONG believes can positively impact the lives of the 32.5 million people affected by cancer. For more about AGT, visit or call 269-340-9975.

Contact-Details: 52129 SR 933 South Bend IN 46637

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