FileFingers Unveils Gloves That Change Your Office Ergonomics

Released on: June 30, 2014, 2:00 am (EDT)
Industry: Industrial

Santa Monica, CA, USA, June 30, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- FileFingers filing gloves make it easier to handle paper than with your bare hands.

Often taken for granted, we do not think much about the comfort of our hands when doing office work such as filing, handling paper and typing. In any home or office, you have paper. Paper cuts fingers. Cuts hurt. And cuts are messy. Paper cuts hurt so much because fingertips have significantly more nerve fibers than most of the rest of your body. This ends up making cuts on your fingertips feel significantly more painful than cuts elsewhere, even when they are produced by paper.

FileFingers filing gloves are designed keep your hands clean and safe while making it even easier to handle paper and therefore increase productivity in the office. Thin and light, the 100% breathable nylon shell gently supports your hands in cool, flexible comfort. It does not end there! The special polyurethane coating on the fingertips allows you to manipulate paper with ease and precision. When it comes to handling paper, Filefingers filing gloves are better than your bare hands. Put on a pair, feel the difference and give yourself a hand at the office.

FileFingers are office essentials and make great holiday gifts too! Not sure what to get for Secretary’s Day? What would make a great (and essential) addition to the office environment of any cashier, librarian, medical staff worker, home office worker, post office employee, crafter and anyone who works with high volumes of paper? FileFingers filing gloves are the best gloves to avoid paper cuts, protect your hands from paper cuts, while making it easily handle paper and file in the office. Made from flexible, thin, breathable fabric, these nylon gloves allow you to work in comfort and their sleek and beautiful white design makes it suitable for any office work. These are best white gloves for typing, filing and handling paper.

While they are great in the office, they are also great as knitting gloves, crochet gloves and any kind of light work due to the unique grip tips. Made from flexible, thin, breathable fabric, these nylon gloves allow you to work in comfort. In fact, working with File Fingers feels better than your bare hands.

“FileFingers gloves offers comfortable, better and faster ways to improve your office productivity,” said Cindy Lichtman, Founder and Creator of FileFingers. “You can really feel the difference once you put them on, they’re like a second skin, and can quickly become an office worker’s essential item.”

Product Features
• 15-gauge seamless machine knit nylon for the perfect balance of quality, durability and flexibility
• 100% breathable nylon
• No fingertip seams to irritate you or get in your way
• Polyurethane coating on the fingertips makes it extra easy to manipulate paper
• Reach into drawers and shelves to retrieve files without getting painful paper cuts
• Dexterous enough to wear while typing and writing or doing any office-related work
FileFinger gloves are available at from as little as $3.75 a pair. They also offer Free Shipping on all USA orders and a 30-day refund policy. Visit their website to find out more:


Filefingers is the brainchild of Cindy Lichtman. While working as an assistant in various industries, Cindy was always getting nasty paper cuts. Reaching for files often resulted in cuts so deep and painful, it was like being cut with a dull knife. So, she went on a quest to find a glove that allowed her to manipulate papers while protecting her hands. After years trying to create the perfect glove, she finally found this one. It feels like a second skin, is protective and easy to work with. Now handling papers is a breeze. In fact, working with File Fingers feels better than your bare hands. Find out more at


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