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Released on: June 26, 2014, 1:59 am (EDT)
Industry: Advertising

Dallas, Texas, June 26, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Samples of Hair Art Design Advertising HairCuts are featured at www.HairArtNetwork.com. The Hair Art Advertising Agency (HAAA) introduces to companies a new hair cutting and hair styling technique and trend called Hair Art Designs. Hair Art is the art of cutting, shaving or molding symbols, images and pictures into the hair on peoples' heads. This form of precise Hair Artistry is only achieved by using Mr. Mac's Hair Art tools from his line of Hair Art Products more specifically his Mr. Hair Art Stencil Kit found at www.MrHairArt.com . Even our Hair Artist Stylist are molding womens hair into Hair Art Designs that mimic company products and represent company brands right there in their hair. Hair Art on all types of people male and female, young and old, all races and cultures are now being used as advertisements by corporate and Big brand name companies as "Walking, Talking Billboard" or "Company Cuts".

All the "Company Cuts" performed by the signed and certified "Hair Artist" are all picture perfect thanks to the use of Hair Art Stencils. Mr. Mac created the Mr. Hair Art Stencils to help barbers create Hair Art Designs easier and faster by simply placing the clear plastic stencil with the laser cut design onto the customers' head. Spray on the patented Mr. Hair Art white hair spray. Then, take the stencil off and the design is there. Perfect and exact. Just take your hair clippers and "Follow the Lines" to cut it out. "Super Easy and Super Fast!" From this Mr. Mac found that creating company logo stencils and even product stencils would be a perfect way to promote and advertise for these companies and businesses if they were willing to spend money on their customers... Companies are now able to have their product images and company logos designed into models' and customers' hair perfectly to promote their brand through Walking Talking Billboards.

The Hair Art Network even has a conglomerate of events and avenues to promote all Hair Art and Hair Art Advertising. These include Hair Shows, Magazine articles, Barber and Beauty Salon Broadcast, Mail-Outs, and even (in the works) the New Hair Art Network Cable Channel!

Mr. Ronnie Mac (Mr. Hair Art), owner of the Hair Art Advertising Agency and owner of "Shops & Salons Network and the Hair Art Network", is the leading practitioner of Hair Art with over 20 years of experience. This company was created by Mr. Mac himself and his amazing Hair Art Designs skills and business savvy. With his skills he makes every Company Hair Art Design haircut a work of art and creates a memorable impression on everyone who sees the final product. Thus, he was able to land multiple corporate accounts to do Hair Art Advertising HairCuts for their brands. But when the business started growing and adding on more clients, more than one person could handle, Mr. Mac decided to expand and teach others how to do what he does. Hair Art Network and HAAA was born.

Hair Artist are screened by Mr. Mac personally and if training is needed or desired Hair Art Network offers intense Hair Art Classes Online and at Hair Art Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Instructional DVDs are available, as well as, hands on training. And recently the Hair Art Network has added on, in addition to their regular Hair Art Training Classes, a New line of Hair Art Color Classes so the Hair Artist can offer Full Color Hair Art Advertisements using the New Mr. Hair Art Twisters Color Pencils!

The roll out of this new advertising medium has made what never seemed possible, reaching consumers in any place imaginable, possible... In public and private areas: (grocery stores, movies theaters, public transportation areas, churches, the workplace, schools, parks, concerts and any other place where a person can go; company advertising through Hair Art can now go).

This new media has really got the wheels of imagination turning and is definitely worth an investigative look. Barbers and Stylists located all across the nation are being signed up to give Companies the option of where they want their Walking Talking Billboards to make their mark.

Instead of pouring Millions of advertising dollars into only traditional forms of advertising like television, print and the internet, with the help of Hair Art Advertising, companies are now able to invest directly into the customers! Because companies are paying not only the Barbers or "Hair Artist" to do the Hair Art Advertisement, a portion of the total cost also goes directly to the customer to WEAR the Hair Art Advertisement. These companies and businesses are being considered as Heros by the general population and by their customers simply because they are giving back...

Companies and Businesses who are interested in the variety of Hair Art Advertising Packages available can contact Mr. Mac at (800) 406-7711. Advertising Packages are customizable and geared to accommodate and compliment various marketing campaigns including ones that may already be in motion. The scope is currently in the USA, but there are definite talks of taking this media worldwide seeing that "Hair is Everywhere" and the Hair Art NETWORK has Barber and Stylist Members signing up from all over, including overseas.

How Does Hair Art Advertising Work?
• Once a company or business decides that they want their advertisements to be walking talking billboards and go everywhere, they contact The Hair Art Advertising Agency (HAAA).
• Next, the HAAA contracts with that company or business with what their advertising needs are and how best to accommodate them.
• Hair Art Advertising HairCuts can range (Per Head) anywhere from $100 all the way up to $1000 depending on who the Hair Artist is and who the Model is. (Athletes, Musicians, Celebrities etc.)
• Once an advertising package or program is agreed on, HAAA contacts the Certified Hair Artist all over the nation through their Hair Art Network to hire the appropriate Hair Artist.
• The contract and the prices are agreed upon by HAAA and the Hair Artist and then the appropriate customers or models are found to complete the deal.
• The customers and models agree to the payments, terms and conditions of being a Hair Art Advertising Model, and then the work begins.
• The Hair Artist completes the agreed upon Advertising Haircut or Hairstyle on the dates, times and numbers of models specified, then they are paid.
• The customers or models then go to work going places and advertising. Then, a week later, after they have verified to HAAA that they have indeed worn the Hair Art Advertisment for at least a week,(Giving Maximum "Bang for your Buck), then they are paid.
• Everyone is paid instantly through our Hair Art Debit Cards (VISA) that are issued to all participants in the program.
• Pictures and video are taken of all the places they go and all the people they see then posted in the the various venues Hair Art Network controls including the online Hair Art Network for the World to see...

All this is monitored and made possible by the one and Only Hair Art Advertising Agency on the planet, (HAAA).

The HAAA is expanding and adding more Hair Artist. If you are a Barber or Hair Stylist looking to get certified as a Hair Artist, go to www.HairArtNetwork.com. If you are a Company or Business looking to access this revolutionary new form of advertising, contact Ronnie "Mr. Hair Art" Mac at (800) 406-27711. HAAA is rising quickly and changing the Barber and Beauty Industry in major ways. The Hair Art Network has stated "Keep on the look out for us and Hair Art Advertising because it is coming to an area near you, and if you are not on board, your competition will be. And everybody knows the customers will shop with who ever is "With Them!"

Mr. Ronnie Mac
3824 Cedar Springs Rd. #406
Dallas, Texas 75219
Toll-Free: (800) 406-7711
Website: www.MrHairArt.com
Email: mrmac@HairArtNETWORK.com

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