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Released on: June 09, 2014, 6:38 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment


WHAT: The Bandit Hound. A new family film comedy.
WHO: Directed by Michelle Danner. Produced by All In Films.
WHEN: Christmas, 2014

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Manny’s a canine-whispering bank robber with an odd partner in crime: his smart, eager, mixed-breed dog, Bandit. A fake bomb and a note are all this furry thief needs to pull off heist after heist. But when the police catch up with Manny and his dim-witted heavy, William, Bandit stalls the cops just long enough for his master to get away. Unfortunately, that buys Bandit a one-way ticket to the pound. Months later, ten-year-old Owen and his mother, Joanne, decide to adopt a dog from the local rescue center. Joanne relocated them from the Midwest to the affluent beach community of Santa Monica, California after her husband’s recent death, and feels a dog will help Owen adjust to the tough changes. And Owen instantly falls in love with this scruffy, nameless pooch. But when Joanne loses her job, the adopted dog starts bringing home money. Lots of money. It’s Bandit, trying to do what he does best to make his new family happy.

Owen thinks he’s got the best dog ever, and that they were meant to be together. He starts using the cash Bandit brings home not only to help his mom, but to buy popularity in the neighborhood and win the heart of Lily, his adorable new friend from the other side of the tracks. But after a mysterious armored car robbery makes the news, Manny realizes Bandit is back in business. And he’ll do anything to see his four-footed goldmine returned, even if it means Owen and Joanne have to go. Hilarious, heartwarming and with a dash of thrills, THE BANDIT HOUND is a touching family tale about the choices and sacrifices we make for the ones we love. THE BANDIT HOUND is a family movie that is for both kids and adults, and there will be several canine cameos featured. All In Films auditioned over thirty dogs and found the perfect “Bandit” and his love interest “Lucy”. “Bandit” has the just right mix of mischievousness and humanity and “Lucy” is adorable. The adults are not the only ones to find love, so do the kids and dogs. The actors will create three dimensional characters that will lead to a colorful movie. It’s a family movie with a great story to tell. Starring: Catherine Bell, Lou Ferrigno, Paul Sorvino, and Judd Nelson.

Michelle Danner directs. “The Bandit Hound” is her third feature film. In 2006, she made her feature film-directing debut with “How to Go Out on a Date in Queens,” which won four LA Film Awards including Best Director. It starred Jason Alexander, Esai Morales, Ron Perlman, Kimberly Williams, Rob Estes, and Alison Eastwood. After being theatrically released ,it’s now available everywhere on video and also aired nationwide on the Sunday Night Movie of the Week (ABC-TV), Memorial Day weekend 2008.

Michelle Danner’s most recent directorial effort, “Hello Herman, ” written by John Buffalo Mailer, stars Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead” and “Boondock Saints” and Marta Higareda. The movie premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival and had its international premiere at the Monaco Charity Film Festival winning the award for socially relevant film. The film opened on June 7, 2013 nationwide with simultaneous availability on VOD in 100 million homes. The trailer for “Hello Herman” can be viewed at Her production company, All in Films, have several film projects in development, including “You’re on the Air,” and “The Will To.” Michelle has directed and acted in over thirty plays and musicals in New York and Los Angeles. She is the founding and artistic director of Edgemar Center for the Arts (, a two-theatre and art gallery complex in Santa Monica, California.

All In Films is an independent film production company. At the helm are Michelle Danner &Alexandra Guarnieri. The mission of All In Films is to produce high-quality, independent movies geared to entertain & spark social commentary. Its most recent film, “Hello Herman,” is a compelling drama about a tragic Columbine-esque school shooting and its devastating effects.


All In Films
2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
General Inquiries - 310 399 3666

Contact-Details: Michelle Danner

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